Video Recording Glasses and Their Benefits

Video Recording Glasses and Their Benefits

Jul 17

What are video recording glasses?

Video recording glasses are eye glasses or sunglasses that have pinhole cameras embedded in them. They’re a relatively brand new technology that’s just making the airwaves today. While long predicted in science fiction books and films, spy glasses weren’t able to materialize until recently because of the inability of technology to make functioning cameras at a size small enough to embed in an eyeglass. But with increases in camera miniaturization technology, spy glasses have finally come to our shores.

Why use video recording glasses? What can be their advantages over other recording devices?

The one big advantage of spy glasses over other recording device is of course its secretiveness. Its inconspicuousness as a recording device means you’ll be able to record videos in places or settings wherein you might not be able to because your camera is hidden and undiscovered. This applies to undercover work in journalism or law enforcement. Undercover police agents can wear this device and pin their suspects based on the evidence gathered by a spy glass. In the same manner, journalists going undercover can break open a case or get a huge exposé by using this stealthy cam.

Look ma, no hands!

You can now record activities which require the use of both of your hands. Reeling in that big fish you just caught and want to capture the moment in video? Just use this device and capture the event for posterity. Going hunting and want to document your experience? Why, there’s this handy spy glass right here you can use to record every minute of your hunting experience stalking your prey and catching them. How about wanting to capture the scenery and atmosphere of your biking rides? There’s the spy glass offering the perfect solution. Whatever the activity you are engaged in, spy glasses allow you to operate freely with both of your hands while still being able to record whatever you are doing.

For work or for pleasure

Professionals and executives who hold a lot of meetings will find video recording glasses a boon to their professional life. They can easily record minutes of their meeting or save a lengthy instruction from their boss. They can record ocular inspections of factory plants or company branches and even broadcast what they are seeing with work colleagues. They can survey the workplace using this device and present the video in their next company presentation or board meeting. Secretaries will especially love this device. Have a lengthy dictation to take down? Why not just turn this handy device on and let the camera do the entire note taking for you?

For regular mom and dads, you can use the spy glass to record precious moments with your kids while playing with them. No need to haul an unwieldy camcorder to your play sessions. An aspiring cook or a veteran chef and want to capture your cooking? Use spy glasses to capture that moment when you create that perfect cake or that perfect crème brûlée. How about saving that romantic moment when you propose to your girlfriend or perhaps that recording your wife giving birth to your child? The possibilities are endless with this device.

A video blogger’s wish come true

How many times have bloggers wish there was a way they can do away with camcorders and just attach their cameras to their heads? Well, with spy glasses, their wishes have come true. Now, here’s a technology that allows bloggers to record and upload their recordings in one action. Just press play and upload. Now podcasts and webcasts don’t have to be such a chore. You can talk to your audience while showing them what you are seeing, while using your hands to do other things.


There are of course downsides. For a technology this new, issues in quality would abound. Don’t expect to get the same video and audio quality you get from professional video cameras. These are pinhole cameras you are using, not industry standard, TV station cameras. They’re going to be a bit limited in what they can do visually and aurally. Just take this in mind when buying this device. Don’t get too much expectation in your head. The videos will be serviceable and the audio will be understandable as long as there’s not too much background noise. But don’t expect to get video quality that can make an Oscar-worthy film.

Issues of privacy intrusions will crop up regarding how you use this device. Be mature enough in using this device. Don’t use it in circumstances where you think it will be illegal or immoral. Be aware of the state laws in your area. If you need to ask if it’s wrong, then there’s a good chance it probably is. Check the local laws in your area.

What to look forward for in the future

In the next couple of years, spy glasses will improve in resolution, speed, and power. And they’ll obviously cost cheaper too. What’s more, there’ll be more features attached to this device. Features such as camera stabilization, panning and zooming by remote control, stop and play buttons also by remote control, moving the camera angles also by remote control, night vision, improved noise filtering, as well as longer battery life and recording times are all on the horizon. Expect voice control to be integrated to some models. And it doesn’t stop there at all. Connectivity would be a big issue. The spy glasses of the future would be connected to the net 24/7. You can upload anything you capture within seconds.


Video recording glasses are just devices we use to connect with our lives. Whether we use it to connect with our kids, with our co-workers, or with other people, the ultimate aim of spy glasses is to enhance our social life through video. Video recording and sharing shouldn’t be a hard experience. It should be fun and engaging. With spy glasses being developed, the world become smaller and much more interactive.

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