Through Another’s Eyes: Sharing Experiences Through an HD Spy Camera

Through Another’s Eyes: Sharing Experiences Through an HD Spy Camera

Jul 18

It used to be that wearing a spy camera is thought of merely as something that could be possibly only in detective and espionage films.  Today, these gadgets have transcended the celluloid film into reality, crossing over even beyond its use in detective and undercover work to more mainstream consumer use.  Now considered to be a revolutionary way to chronicle one’s adventures, the HD spy camera is among those that are technology savvy choose to have in their arsenal of modern gadgetry.  There are different types and models of these gadgets available from various designers and manufacturers but the most popular, and perhaps the most fashionable; type is the HD spy sunglass camera.  These spy sunglasses are convenient and discreet, allowing users to take videos of their adventures without having to lug around bulky and expensive pieces of equipment.  What’s even more notable about these new spy gadgets is that they are affordable and are not costly to maintain.

 The spy glasses today have come a long way from its beginnings as brass tubes designed for astronomical observation.  It has become quite a fashion statement to be carrying these spy glasses in 18th century England where men were obsessed with pomp and pageantry and made use of items symbolic of the European experience as their men set out to discover the world.  The 19th and the 20th century saw these spy gadgets turning into more covert equipment used by detectives and policemen in investigating crimes or recording information gathered from a crime scene.  Undercover operatives go into the criminal world “wired” with both video and audio recording equipment in order to gain the information they need in order to make their bust.  These older spy glasses, however, are bulkier and more difficult to conceal, usually requiring layers of clothing to camouflage.

 Modern Technology in Spyware

Today’s spy glasses are almost invisible from anyone else other than the wearer and are available in both wired and wireless models – even wired models are able to escape notice since the thin wires are expertly hidden through slim neck straps.  While they are still used for undercover and investigative work, today’s spy camera is used more for personal purposes such as for recording of significant experiences.  There is no better way to capture experiences as bungee jumping or mountain climbing than by recording them as the scenes are unfolding right before a person’s eyes.  This is possible because the spy gadget is mounted right on the lenses of a pair of eyewear that looks just like any other ordinary eyewear, with the lens often conveniently hidden in one of the grommets on the frame.  By simply pressing the power switch, a user can start and stop recording as he wishes.

 These new HD spy gadgets are portable and stylish at the same time, discreetly recording goings-on without being obtrusive or intrusive.  When there is no visible recording device documenting every move, people included in the spy gadget videos are more candid and natural in their actions, not feeling overly self-conscious about being filmed.  Without disturbing the normal flow of events, these spy gadgets can conveniently be turned on or off with control buttons that are strategically located along one arm.  There are also spy gadgets that have additional benefits of remote control and motion detection.  Who would have thought that such a small gadget such as an eyeglass mounted video recorder would be capable of recording full-color high definition video that could be enjoyed for hours?  Most of these recording gadgets turn out videos with at least a 720-pixel resolution in an .avi file format that is compatible with most video players.  Options for a date and time stamp are also available on some models to ensure that memories are properly chronicled – or in the case of investigative purposes, to record the exact occurrence or discovery of evidence.

 Video Recording On-the-Go

These recording eyewear can be powered up through rechargeable batteries or through a USB power charger, each with their own advantages.  Powering up straight to the power source with a cable charger is obviously more advantageous for those who are using the recording eyewear in a location where there is electricity but not for those who are going on outdoor adventures for extended periods of time.  Taking footage through a recording eyewear on a weekend hiking trip up Colorado’s Glacier Gorge, on the other hand, would require a supply of batteries to last until the next lodging facility with electricity becomes available.  As a guide, a 9 volt battery normally is enough to record up to 200 minutes of video.  The memory capacity of these recording devices also varies with some units having expansion slots for micro-SD cards to increase recording capacity.  After recording, videos can be downloaded or transferred through a data cable or through a USB device.

 With these new spy gadgets, recording and even watching videos in real time is no longer impossible especially through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities.  Some spy gadget models can stream videos and broadcast them through the internet or through smartphones – there might be applications that need to be downloaded and installed first before videos from these spy gadgets could be streamed, viewed, and shared with virtually anyone.  All these come in a small package that costs only a few hundred dollars to purchase.  A thorough search through the internet would yield a number of options in these new spy gadgets, but not all are as good as their manufacturers and distributors claim they are.

 Going with a good brand that has been tried, tested, and proven by others to provide the kind of HD camera eyewear recording capability it promises is advisable.  This is where reviews and perhaps sample videos coming from real users of the advertised and catalogued HD recording eyewear would come in handy to show how the actual product fared in real-life use.  As with any other electronic gadget, it really pays to do some information gathering and reading before clicking the buy now button and taking the online shopping cart to the check out and payment page to finalize shipping and payment details.

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