The Latest Video Technology in a Hip Gadget

The Latest Video Technology in a Hip Gadget

Jul 17

Technology has made it more and more exciting to capture and share videos about anything and everything that happens.  Those gadgets that have once been confined only to works of detective fiction and cinematic treatments have now been turned to reality.  One such technology is put to work in HD recording sunglasses.  These modern spy glasses allow users to capture the things that are happening in their own lives just as it happens in real life.  Gone are the days when these devices are confined to scientific uses such as how astronomers put them to use.  But, just as the predecessor to today’s spy glasses were used as a fashion statement, the modern versions of the spy glass have also taken a fashionable twist with sunglasses and eyewear that is fitted with cleverly hidden video recording devices.  Hip and stylish, this camera cum eyewear device lets users take videos without having to hold an unwieldy recording device on steady hands.

 Even as the physical construction and design of these spyware sunglasses might be considered to be one of the primary reasons for picking a particular model, dissecting these hidden video recording devices will give users a better understanding of how these devices work and what to look for in the recording devices that they are looking to buy.  Some of the technical specifications users might come across when searching for these modern devices include:

    1. Video recording capability – there are differences as to how these devices are able to record video and audio content.  In most cases the picture resolution capacity would be anywhere from 720 pixels to a full HD 1080 pixels.  Top of the line recording eyewear usually boast of crisp and clear images that are bursting with color mimicking the real life spectrum.  Most of these spyware eyewear devices are also able to record material scanning more than 90 degrees in field of vision.  The strategically situated camera and lens mechanisms are able to record events through the vista of the wearer.  Some of these devices also come with motion detectors that could trigger the recording function just as the action starts.  The recorded material that comes from these devices is usually saved in .avi format.
    2. Wired vs. wireless – there are spycam eyewear with wires that are cleverly hidden so that the glasses’ aesthetic appeal is not affected.  The wires are often integrated with the glasses’ safety straps.  In recent times, the popularity of the wireless versions of these spycam eyewear are increasing in popularity.  These devices often work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi software that is programmed into the device.  Wireless devices could be triggered by a remote control.  These wireless versions are more preferred particularly by those using these recording devices for investigative purposes since they look less conspicuous with the entire camera and all its components neatly tucked into and integrated into the glasses’ frame and design.
    3. Memory capacity – most of these recording devices come with built-in memory so that videos can be stored directly into the devices.  When the memory gets full, the recorded material can easily be transferred onto a computer or another storage device.  The transferred recorded material can then be viewed and shared as the user deems fit.  Some of these gadgets are also equipped with memory slots where storage devices, mostly micro-SD cards, can be inserted for additional memory.  A memory capacity of about 8 gigabytes could already store about three hours worth of recorded material.
    4. Power – this is an important consideration for any user picking out a spycam device.  Any device would be rendered useless without ample power to complete whatever recording task is at hand.  These spycam devices come powered either with a battery charged by a power cable or with a replaceable or rechargeable battery.  Hooking up to a power source is necessary for those devices that do not come with replaceable batteries.  Thus, it is necessary for users of these devices to have access to a power source during times when they need to use the recording device.  Off-site users would do well with replaceable and rechargeable batteries.  Battery-powered spycam devices are best for those who intend to record events and happenings outdoors or in areas where there is no fixed power source.
    5. Sharing – being able to share recorded material to other people is one of the things that draw people today to these recording devices.  The ability of users to share their experiences and adventures as seen through their own eyes boost the popularity of these spycam recording devices among ordinary consumers not engaged in jobs or avocation that are investigative in nature.  The use of these spycam devices have veered more and more towards personal reasons that for professional reasons.  With applications that can be downloaded once, users can actually stream their recorded material into their mobile computing devices as well as into social networking sites anytime they wish to.  These spycam recording devices are usually fitted with a transmitter attachment.

Outside of recording personal experiences, the use of cameras hidden in eyeglasses for recording of material for other purposes could be governed by certain privacy laws and regulations.  Depending on the existing legislature with regard to what can and cannot be recorded and what can and cannot be shared with the viewing public, the recording and transmission of videos might be subject to certain restrictions.  Anyone who wishes to use their HD camera sunglasses for purposes other than those that are personal in nature should be wise enough to find out whether there are existing laws they might be breaking when they record and share material that includes other people.

Regardless of what they might be used for, these HD camera sunglasses and other hidden camera recording devices come in an assortment of designs and models as well as in a range of prices from several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  Choosing an HD video camera eyewear wisely comes with understanding the functionalities of these devices vis-à-vis what the user intends to use his chosen device for.  Balancing both price and functionality will result not only in a more exciting way of capturing videos but also in a more satisfactory recording experience for the user.

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