Spy and Stalk like James Bond

Spy and Stalk like James Bond

Jul 18

How can a spy infiltrate an enemy base and capture videos, without carrying a bulky hand-held camera? Or how can a private detective stalk on someone’s activities, without getting noticed? Doing that job will be very difficult. The solution is simple – just insert a small camera in an unnoticeable part of the body. The best way is to use a camera eyewear.

A camera eyewear is a special type of eyeglasses that allows its user to take pictures and record videos from his point-of-view. However, it cunningly looks just like regular sunglasses, without the wires and bulky equipment. It therefore allows the user to record events or spy on someone without anybody noticing. No one will ever suspect that there is a hidden camera in the sunglasses.

The camera eyewear takes pictures and records videos using its camera and microphone, which are hidden somewhere in the frame. The camera is deceptively small but has a wide degree field of vision. Most camera eyewear can record with panoramas of images, ranging from resolutions of 720p to 920 pixels at usually 30 frames per second. Even with its miniature size, its camera can equal the image quality of regular hand-held cameras.

The camera eyewear usually stores audio and video recordings either through a memory card inserted in its frame, a separate body-worn blue-tooth recorder-receiver or over the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. They are absolutely wireless, which will defeat the purpose if they weren’t. Most camera eyewear includes a 4 gigabytes memory card, enough for 4 hours of video recording.

Also, video recording is usually controlled either through tiny control buttons in the frames or microscopic blue-tooth controls on the fingers. At least no one will suspect that the user’s sunglasses are a recording device. In addition, camera eyewear uses USB connection via a PC for easy video playback and for battery recharging.

Because of its stylishly deceptive and disguised look, camera eyewear is widely used for spying and covert operations. These spy gadgets effectively help the users in law enforcement operations, private investigations, corporate intelligence and investigative journalism. A private detective or a police-on-a-secret-mission will be very ineffective without a camera eyewear. Even James Bond and Ethan Hunt will be kaput if they don’t have one.

But of course, camera eyewear can also be used for not-so-serious activities. Outdoor enthusiasts and sports buffs can also use these spy gadgets for more fun and entertainment. Audio and video recording will be very convenient because camera eyewear is wireless and hands-free. They can take pictures and record videos while biking, fishing, hunting, golfing, snowboarding, and even while riding on a roller coaster. Outdoor lovers will absolutely love them.

One can also use camera eyewear for recording indoor events such as birthdays, family and social gatherings, or concerts. Even just a simple afternoon walk in the park with someone can be a special moment that should be captured. This is taking pictures and videos without the hassles of a hand-held camera. And because of their miniature size and deceptive look, one can even set up a do-it-yourself security system in his own house using just camera eyewear.

The good thing is that regular consumers can readily afford and avail themselves of these spy gadgets. They are not sold in the black market for strictly military and security purposes. Camera eyewear can now be bought at tech shops and online stores such as Amazon and EBay. Also, quite a number of manufacturers create and design camera eyewear for ordinary users. Everyone can now fancy being a spy on a mission impossible.

One example of a consumer-level camera eyewear is Prober’s MV300. It has a sleek black color and elegant design, with its high quality Polaroid lens, that matches every style. It uses a sweet resistant frame that can withstand most weather, and so very useful for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, traffic police, hunters, etc. It can even live-stream audio and video over the Internet through its web camera.

The Prober MV300 captures clear digital video, in AVI format at 30 frames per second, using a 3.0 megapixels pinhole CMOS camera. It stores video recordings into its built-in 4 gigabytes/8 gigabytes Nand flash drive, enough for 4 or 8 hours of video. It has user friendly buttons, for easy controls. Also, it plays audio and music files through an MP3 player and removable earphones. Supported music formats include MP3, WMA, AAC, APE and FLAC.

In addition, the Prober MV300 has an average battery duration of 100 minutes for video recording and 5 hours for music playing. Videos and music files are transferred to the computer via a USB 2.0, and is compatible with Windows 2000 and later versions.

Another example of a stylish, consumer-level camera eyewear is Prober’s X3. At a glance, it deceptively looks like those geeky and nerdy glasses. Users with a keen sense of fashion will absolutely love this. This is a must for fashionistas, detectives, journalists and travelers.

The Prober X3 sets the trend among the camera eyewear, because of its HD video quality capability. It captures audio and video, also in AVI format with 30 frames per second, using a 5 megapixels CMOS camera with 1280 x 720 resolution. It has a built-in 4 gigabyte TF card, which is about 4 hours of video recording, but other options for bigger memory space are also available. Like the MV300, the X3 also has user friendly buttons for easy controls.

Also, the Prober X3 uses a built-in 280mAh lipopolymer battery, which could last for an hour or two. Video recordings are also transferred via a USB connection, with a read/write speed of 1.5 to 60 megabytes per second. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 98 and later.

A private detective cannot effectively stalk somebody without using a pair of glasses that has a hidden camera in it. These futuristic camera eyewear are very useful audio and video recording devices, either for covert operations or for simple family occasions. It can be a tool for spying on someone and for capturing moments just for fun and entertainment.  They are hands-free, wireless and convenient. Now, everyone can fancy being James Bond or Ethan Hunt.

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