Recorder Glasses: Not Merely for Surveillance

Recorder Glasses: Not Merely for Surveillance

Jul 17

As the years pass, it seems people are only becoming more and more paranoid. When one loses money, instead of assuming that it might have been misplaced, one immediately believes that another person took it. Likewise, those who commonly engage in business endeavors are becoming increasingly worried about the trustworthiness of unfamiliar partners. Since it seems that humanity is not progressing in an encouraging manner, there is no other choice but to use discreet espionage gadgets such as recorder glasses. However, modern-day technology has actually allowed such a gadget to be used in more pleasant ways.

As already implied, spectacles infused with the capability to record clips is essential for those seeking additional assurance in business endeavors. While it seems inappropriate to presume that an individual is capable of blackmail, those who have been tricked and stolen from in the past would surely claim otherwise. Even the most trustworthy-looking business partners, may have devious plans that remain unnoticed, especially in deals that involve a considerable sum of money. Instead of becoming a victim of such underhanded tactics, it would be better to doubt others a little, and record meetings safely by using recorder shades.

While it is undeniable that millions would benefit from discreet surveillance devices for security purposes, this does not mean that those who manufacture recorder shades would only make a sale due to such needs. In reality, such gadgets may also be used for recreational purposes. People may actually use the gadget when engaged in outdoor pursuits. Instead of holding an actual camcorder while carrying a cumbersome amount of equipment, those who prefer to spend time exploring the wild would surely appreciate the possibility of capturing the scenery by simply pressing the right buttons on one’s shades.

Individuals who often attend social gatherings may also find concealed recorders to be a great device for taking candid photos. Likewise, those who prefer to get involved in social movements might prefer to use hidden surveillance equipment such as espionage shades, in order to preserve memories of such magnificent events forever. During peaceful protests and rallies, which sometimes end up violently, having an inconspicuous recorder is also a superb way to acquire evidence against those who use excessive force. One must keep in mind though, that surveillance devices do not always remain undetected.

Once again, the use of recorder eyewear that enables people to take photos and record clips conveniently, is associated with ever-existent dangers in human society. Fortunately, other entirely recreational purposes of such devices remain. Individuals who often ride motorbikes, traversing long roads to achieve a sense of freedom whether alone or in groups, would surely benefit from shades that can record such adventures. Likewise, people who prefer to spend much of their time riding speedboats or even snowboarding would surely be thrilled to finally have the chance share their pursuits with all of their friends. As it appears, surveillance devices could really be of use to all kinds of people.

While the advantages of purchasing espionage shades and other similar devices remains clear, it is undeniable that buying one requires sufficient technical knowledge. Aside from aesthetic differences, concealed recorders may also be distinguished from one another based on specifications and features. In particular, when looking to purchase one, it is essential to search for details on the following aspects: memory capacity, lens quality, and image resolution. Depending on one’s reasons for purchasing such a gadget, compactness may also be of significance. Price is also of great importance to those seeking to use such handy recorders without ruining their bank accounts.

As noted beforehand, one needs to consider memory capacity and expansion features before making a purchase. While many would immediately suggest that espionage shades with higher storage capacities are always better, it is irrefutable that this is not always the case. People who simply need to take photographs and record very short clips from time to time, would already be satisfied with products that feature 2GB of memory. On the other hand, those who face the need to create and store full-resolution video presentations should definitely choose high-capacity variants. Some recorder shades have more than 8GB of storage while still supporting additional microSD cards.  

Alternatively, lens quality would be of greatest significance to those who plan to use recorder shades for active recreation. Given the sheer amount of espionage shades that are sold as toys, produced merely for amusement, the possibility exists that one would acquire an item with foggy lenses when making a purchase without much thought. Instead of buying  the cheapest shades available, it is necessary to thoroughly assess each product’s specifications, searching for details on lenses. Espionage shades with polarized lenses should be ideal not only in terms of protecting one’s eyes from ultraviolet light, but for reducing glare intensity as well.

Similar to the other features discussed, not all people require high-resolution spywear. When using espionage shades to observe unsuspecting people at home, a low-resolution product should suffice. In particular, shades that at least have a resolution of 640 pixels would be perfect for such a purpose. Individuals who plan to record clips with stunning detail should opt for products that have a maximum resolution of 720 pixels. Many espionage shades boast such a resolution, thus finding one should not be a troublesome task. In contrast, 1080p shades, suitable for filming clips to be shown through an HDTV, remain rare and expensive.

Other aspects such as compactness and price follow a similar trend. While those who truly aim to use the gadget as an espionage tool would surely appreciate a very discreet solution, individuals who merely want to tinker with the device could not care less. Price scales with each of the aforementioned features, thus first time buyers might get the most satisfaction from entry-level products. Throughout this discussion, several points emerged. The most important though, is as follows: surveillance shades, while originally developed to keep watch of devious actions, have evolved to become a truly versatile device that benefits all kinds of people.

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