Record Your Favorite Outdoor Sports with HD Camera Glasses (Spy Sunglasses)

Record Your Favorite Outdoor Sports with HD Camera Glasses (Spy Sunglasses)

Jul 18

Have you seen movies with the leading character (a spy) wearing a glass that can capture still pictures and movies? Surely, all of us were amazed by it but we will be more stunned if all of us have the opportunity to own one spy sunglasses. Yes, HD camera glasses installed in spy glasses are already out in the market. Unveil and experience the next generation sunglasses that allow you to record everything you see or record your favourite outdoor sports. Capture everything around you as how you see it with HD camera glasses that is hidden in your cool sunglasses. The spy sunglasses provide you with a new dimension to review and watch again any of your favourite activities outdoors. To do this, there is a small but a really powerful camera installed on the frame of the glasses.

 With HD camera glasses in spy glasses, you are not only provided with comfort and protection but you can also capture discrete videos for surveillance or simply just for fun. You can also express yourself through the design of the glass. You can sport a classic sunglass if you love classic designs or you can wear a stylish or vintage spy sunglass if you have a fun personality. HD spy sunglasses are integrated with anti-glare polarized lenses. These lenses are specially designed so you can record high quality videos easily even when driving and for extreme outdoor sports.

 Most of the HD camera glasses can record videos in the format of AVI and have a resolution of 1280×720 or more. Many of these sunglasses come with an 8G memory card or more so that you can record and store many of your favourite outdoor activities. The spy sunglasses have a built-in video and sound recording. The recorded video and sound can be of high quality if required. Other sunglasses can capture video even if you are listening to an MP3. The spy sunglasses available in the market are rechargeable. You can simply connect it to an outlet by using its battery adapter.

 Spy glasses are not only ideal for those who love to get a video of their outdoor adventures but it will also be beneficial for people who are investigative journalist, company spy, estate agents, or anybody. Spy glasses are perfect gadgets to keep because it will give you a feeling of security. The captured video while you are being abused by someone or when your belongings are snatched from you is a concrete evidence to jail your assailant or the thief. Time will come that spy glasses will be like a virus that would spread quickly to every continent and you’ll just notice that most of the people around you wear spy sunglasses.

 Quick Tips Before Buying HD Spy Sunglasses

We need spy sunglasses for protection, comfort, and security. It is an ideal gadget to get a HD video of yours when skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, driving, or surfing. Glasses are also perfect when you just want to show some style. If you are someone who is considered as a tech guy or one who is always updated with the development of sunglasses then maybe you won’t need these tips. But for those who are new to this gadget, here are quick tips before you buy HD spy sunglasses.

 1. Know why you want it and what you want.

Do you need spy sunglasses for safety, for fun, or you just want to capture videos of your adventures? This might be the first question you must answer before buying spy sunglasses. If you know what’s the purpose of your purchase then you’ll know what to look for. You’ll know what features to check if you know where or when you will use the gadget. If your purpose is just for style and you are on a tight budget, you can choose those sunglasses that are cheap but have lower video resolution. If you are serious with your purchase then you must choose carefully. List all the features that you want to have in your spy sunglasses.

 2. Know what features to check.

You can search online for the available features of spy sunglasses. Check if the HD camera glasses installed can provide you good resolution. Know what format you would prefer. Would you like it to be in AVI, MP4 or other format? Check the capacity of the memory card, the range that the microphone can reach, and the life of the battery. Surely, you would prefer a spywear that can capture videos for five or more hours.

 3. Cheap vs. Quality

There are many available spy wear that have low prices but the question is can it provide you quality performance? When introduced to cheap products, customers usually gave in to the temptation thinking they can save more but the truth is they lose more since the gadget will not last for long. It is better to spend more and invest in quality products than to save little but get product of poor quality.

 4. Consider polarized sunglasses.

Look for sunglasses that have polarized lenses because it reduces the glare of the sun. These sunglasses will be perfect when driving or enjoying your favourite outdoor sports. There are many available sunglasses that come in different styles and frames, so choose the one that compliments your face. If you have a square-shaped face, you can pick an oversized or round polarized spy glasses to soften your faces’ angles. You can also make fashion statements but wearing trendy glasses. Get those glasses that have fun details and frames of different sizes and styles.

 5. Buy glasses in a store that specialized in glasses or spy gadgets.

There are many available spy glasses in your neighbourhood and in any store but are they authentic or of high quality products? To ensure that you are served right, make your purchase in a trusted spy shop in your neighbourhood or on an online spy shop. These shops can provide you with different varieties of spy glasses that are sure to be of high quality. Most of their staffs are expert on this field so you can ask advices from them and ask for additional facts about spy wear.

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