HD Video Recording Sunglasses: From Spywear to Sportswear

HD Video Recording Sunglasses: From Spywear to Sportswear

Jul 18

The HD video recording sunglasses is a high tech digital video recording gadget. It is an elegantly designed sunglasses with an inconspicuous high resolution camera embedded on its frame. This gadget has evolved from its originally designed role as a spywear of old to the fashionable, must-have sporting gadget of today. (If you are fond of spy movies, you must have seen the HD video recording sunglasses being worn by undercover agents in such popular movies as James Bond and Inspector Gadget!) Well, they have gone a long way from being used as tools for clandestine operations such as inconspicuously recording targeted people and events. This cool eye wear cum video recorder has found great uses with sports men. Worn by athletes during actual sporting events, the HD video recording sunglasses is able to record everything from the point of view of the competing athletes wearing them – something we’ve never or rarely seen before! Video recording of sporting events have always been from the spectator’s point of view (cameraman angle)! Now, with this wearable high resolution video recording gadget, every moment can be captured vividly from the competing athlete’s vantage point – so much so that watching the recorded video afterwards gives you the feeling that you were there yourself – experiencing the same thrill and excitement of the actual sporting event like you were the one competing!

For example, with this new found sporting gadget, a solitary angler will no longer have to boast about his prized catch and the epic battle he had to endure to finally net his big fish – which more often than not is dismissed by many as a long tale! Wearing the HD video recording sunglasses during the fishing sorties, the angler can now capture the thrill and excitement of his epic battle with a big fish on high resolution video. He need no longer boast about it after that – he simply shows everybody the recorded video and share with them every actual adrenaline pumping moment of the battle!

A mountain climbing enthusiast can use it to record every perilous step he takes and every nerve wracking cliff hanging experience he goes through – and surely every one he shares the recorded video with will simply go gaga watching it!

A jet skier can use it to record every pulsating moment of a race – recording every maneuver he makes to overtake other competitors. Sharing the recorded video later will give his audience the extraordinary feeling of being in the race themselves as they watch every wave encountered and every competitor overtaken along the way!

The HD video recording sunglasses is definitely a must-have for every sportsman who likes to cherish and share every moment of every competition he joins. Other sporting enthusiasts like golfers, bikers, skiers, and even hunters will definitely love to use them to capture and share with others every moment of their exciting experiences. This is why the HD video recording sunglasses has become a must-have sporting accessory today.

The HD video recording sunglasses comes in different wearable sleek and elegant designs and allows hands free operation. The built-in 2 GB memory is good for 5 hours of recorded video – sufficient to record one race or one competition. It also has an external memory slot for a Micro SD card of up to 32 GB memory – making sure you never ran out of memory when you need it. It also cycled recording feature which allows you to continue recording even if the memory is full – you’d never miss out recording any of those momentous moments.

 Here’s the best part of it – You can record your video on the Micro SD Card then take out and insert on any smart phones for playback. Using your smart phones, you can also upload your recorded video to You Tube, Face Book or other social networking sites instantly. This is truly neat because you can immediately share your sporting experiences (specially those medal winning moments or cliff hanging experiences with your friends). The gadget also comes with a USB cable that can be used to transfer recorded video to your PC. The recorded videos are in 3GP format which can be played back using Quick Time or Real Player.

 The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses provides a powerful 280X720P (true HD) high definition video recording. The12 mega pixel snapshot function provides high definition photography.  It takes snapshots with a continuous 3 pictures shooting so you won’t miss a single memorable moment. The audio is stereo quality and comes with noise filters and advanced audio codec features. The video recording speed is30 frames per second with a resolution of 320 x 240 QVGA.

 With so many brands and models of HD video recording sunglasses sprouting like mushrooms today, choosing the best among them can be truly daunting. Here are some tips on how to choose the ideal HD video recording sunglasses:

  • Choose the one with a design that suits your personality and fashion sense. You will be the one wearing it so it is actually your choice. Just make sure you don’t look awkward wearing it! You should be able to choose from an array of different designs which means you should only consider manufacturers who give you this option.
  • Test if the glasses are really High Definition. You should demand to see actual video recording before buying it.
  • Don’t forget to test the audio quality too!
  • Make sure it has polarized lenses to protect your eyes from long term damage due to sun exposure.
  • Read the product specifications and determine the camera’s recording speed. It should be at least 30 Frames per Second (30FPS). Again you need to see the recorded video to confirm this.
  • Check the battery life. Do not buy anything with less than 2 hours of battery life. Longer battery life will be the best choice.
  • Check the storage space or memory. The built in memory chip should have at least 2 GB. It also must have a slot for a Micro SD card. This is rather important because if you want to record only high quality video, you will need more memory or more storage. A Micro SD card can have up to 32 GB memory!
  • Be sure that the snapshot function is also high definition (at least 12 megapixels)

 The most important thing you need to find out before finally buying your HD video recording sunglasses is the warranty. Your gadget must be covered by at least a 3 month warranty. This is time enough for you to find out any factory defects or faults in the gadget.

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