HD Camera Sunglasses: The Future of Technology is Here

HD Camera Sunglasses: The Future of Technology is Here

Jul 18

If you think James Bond’s glasses which can see clearly through tinted glass, has X-ray vision to test out for hidden guns and other weapons, or can fire flash-bang charged explosive are just figments of Q’s vivid imagination, think again. Those contraptions were so 1999. Man’s inventive genius just conquered his own imagination with a real spy contrivance in style. Move over James Bond, the utility of your spy-class eyeglasses in The World is not Enough has been eclipsed by real-life spy and security widgets. In this day and age, high definition video cameras with a host of value added features have been developed as the perfect undercover sleuth gadget concealed as HD Camera Sunglasses.

 High definition (HD) video cameras generally include display resolutions of 1280 x 720 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels, popularly known as 720p and 1080i or 1080p, respectively. There are a host of applications which benefit from the HD camera, and the most important of which are in education, film-making, HD streaming, surveillance, and video gaming. For whatever purpose an HD video is intended, users should be aware that there are a variety of formats available, and choosing the format which best suits their requirement is the key to satisfactory outcomes. As a general rule, any application will only be useful if consumers or target users will appreciate a product to be usable or one which is a more useful enhancement over an existing technology. As technology design experts have underscored, usability is a crucial but often overlooked factor in the development of a video-based application in the recent past.

 One of the emerging uses of HD digital technology is surveillance. In the recent past, high-tech surveillance found significant application in society as a partner in ensuring public safety. However, the monitoring capability of generic visual surveillance systems is generally constrained by a specific image region or sometimes a particular object of interest. The usual practice is to obtain image details for the specified region of interest. If a larger region is required to provide better security, the challenge is not as simple as enlarging the region of interest using standard resolution frames such as 704 by 576 or 640 x 480 pixels. This is where high resolution technology comes in handy, especially, if the surveillance system is operated with a remote pan-tilt-zoom camera.

 In high crime risk sectors or in increasingly hostile environments, digital surveillance is utilized to support biometric verification systems or remote radio-frequency identification (RFID) and smart cards to confirm claimed identity such as in banking, e-passport or in access control. To date, however, more and more private citizens have been sold to the idea of protecting their homes, property and their families using digital surveillance. The technology has somewhat deterred possible offenders, especially, if they are aware that such a surveillance system is in place.

 Lately, however, there had already been instances where determined offenders have successfully circumvented the utility of surveillance units by destroying the monitors and other observation equipment while completely hiding their identities. It is, therefore, a blessing that through modern research, concealment of digital equipment in sunglasses, ear hooks resembling mobile phone gadgets, and even in backpacks is made possible. With such innovative devices, anyone can be a more techie James Bond. Without being petty or playful, however, people need access to covert surveillance tools every so often, particularly, when our instincts scream with warning signals.

 Among the surfeit of available wearable surveillance resources, HD camera sunglasses with record function appear to be the most promising because the object of the surveillance will be most unsuspecting of a person wearing sunglasses. Since operation is activated hands-free or using a single button in some cases, these devices are also well-suited for investigative work by police, private investigators or a suspecting neighbor who feels that a clandestine criminal act is happening in the backyard of his new neighbor. Hence, these items may be utilized for crucial operations where a subject may behave differently if he senses that his actions or behavior is being watched.

 On the lighter side, however, life is not all suspicion, spying, deception and betrayal. HD camera sunglasses are also great for capturing the fleeting moments of family bonding in the wilderness. Imagine the big surprise you can create if your family never saw you record any visual media, but when you sit in front of the TV one evening, you show them a load of happy memories from your vacation. Here are some of the other benefits of HD recording glasses that will ensure crisp and clear mementos of every family event:

  • Connectivity with a computer with a USB port for easy downloading and viewing.
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi
  • Hands-free operation or one-touch recording
  • High quality visual media and audio footage
  • Some products are equipped with a microphone
  • Three or four hours of continuous fun and recording with an 8 GB or a 16 GB, storage media (usually Micro SD card), respectively
  • Visual media capture from the view of the person making the recording

 Spy is definitely an appealing catchphrase for a state-of-the-art product which used to be just a dream a dozen or so years ago as inspired by James Bond movies. The concept behind the spywear is innovation at its best, reinforced with modern technology. Indeed, a showcase of the features of a sleek, yet highly useful product depicts research and technology at the crossroads of a new paradigm to balance function and form. With the novelty of spy recording sunglasses, usability is not anymore an issue which weighs down the commercial success of visual media applications.

 There are, however, varied applications of the product other than for spying, surveillance, or investigation. The optical spywear, when used for purposes other than the serious spy stuff makes the users more than just ordinary hikers, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, active community volunteers, or loving parents. Users experience the joy of their favorite activities in style. It may be quite a contradiction at this time that the best things in life are free, owing to the cost of new technology. However, shelling out some precious dollars to embrace the future of technology would be a worthwhile investment in terms of the value added benefits for many satisfied users.

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