HD Camera Sunglasses: Science Fiction No More

HD Camera Sunglasses: Science Fiction No More

Jul 18

Gone are the days when gadgets such as HD camera sunglasses were considered as nothing more than products of the imagination of science fiction writers. In recent years, technological advancement has allowed companies to bring to life spywear that previously were seen only in science fiction and spy-themed films. The development of high-tech gadgets has given birth to an industry exclusively dedicated to the production of devices such as digital spy sunglasses, among others. With the help of the Internet and the World Wide Web, more people have gained access to these gadgets, further spreading the market reach of this budding industry that was previously the exclusive playground of spies and would-be spies.

The rise in the popularity of gadgets such as HD camera glasses can be attributed to many independent yet related factors, chief of which is the current preoccupation of people with security. World events in the past several years have raised the level of paranoia across the globe to new heights. Hence, many people have become obsessed with ensuring their security. This increased sense of insecurity has led to the development of various devices that can provide a measure of security. This is where the ongoing trend of highly evolved camera sunglasses comes in.

In light of the recent trend, covertness has become the name of the game. So much so that the idea of covertness has now become synonymous with security. This is the main reason why HD camera glasses have become popular gadgets for security experts, aspiring spies, and just about anyone who is concerned about security and well, spying on others. What these digital spy sunglasses promise to deliver are nothing short of a chance for people to experience the life of a spy as they are used to seeing in films and television shows, a proposition that is clearly difficult to resist.

What these digital spy cameras promise to deliver can make even James Bond wish to have one. First and foremost, the covertness level of the latest models has been raised so high that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between normal glasses and camera glasses. The sleek designs of some of these security cameras are actually even better than designer glasses. These spywear sunglasses make surveillance an easy task even for people without spy training or experience. In the mold of the plug-and-play principle of computer gadgets of today, the technologically advanced eyewear can easily record audio and video by simply pointing and shooting, or to be more precise by looking and recording.

The ease of use is clearly the biggest selling points of these gadgets. However, these cameras have much more to offer than just being user friendly. For instance, the latest models come with powerful camera lenses that allow the recording of high-definition video in 720p. The high pixel rate is a huge improvement from the previous models that were only capable of recording black and white, barely discernable videos. In addition, the current crop of camera sunglasses can capture high-quality audio through their built-in microphones. Hence, whether the purpose of recording video and audio is for surveillance or for documentations, the quality of the recorded media is assured.

Another big improvement that has been integrated into the newest video recording spy glasses is the memory capacity. Unlike in the past when similar gadgets were capable of recording only several minutes’ worth of video and audio, the current models of camera glasses are fitted with memories that allow them to record up to two hours of high-quality media. Most of these gadgets have 4 gigabytes of internal memory while the more advanced ones are equipped with up to 8 gigabytes of memory.

Convenience is also the strongest points of these devices. Although a majority of these cameras commence their recording function when a hidden button is pressed on the frame of the glasses, some models come with remote controls. The remote control allows the user to record audio and video even when they are not wearing the sunglasses or glasses. With 720p picture quality and crisp audio quality, these spy  cameras are clearly worth their price, which ranges from as low as $50 to around a couple of hundreds.

The choices are numerous for those who are planning to buy HD camera glasses. The important thing to consider is the purpose for the spywear. For straight up covert operations and spying, there are models that are at par with popular stylish designs such as aviator shades. On the other hand, for less covert use, such as recording sports events in first person point of view similar to video games, the athletic designs similar to glasses used by cyclists are good choices. There are also designs that allow the changing of the lenses so that the user can change the appearance of the glasses depending on their mood.

HD camera sunglasses are not only for spying. Over the years, these gadgets have been used in various other fields such as journalism and filmmaking, specifically documentary filmmaking. As a journalism tool, spy camera glasses are helpful when doing investigative reports or trying to get candid shots of celebrities. For documentation, these cameras are also very helpful especially when the filmmaker is interviewing people who are not used to facing cameras. The gadgets are also ideal for recording sporting events such as races, where viewers are allowed to see the spectacle from the point of view of a competitor.

The future of spy cameras is bright. As the technology available continue to improve, companies will have more opportunity to produce better gadgets. For now, the capabilities of existing digital security camera models will suffice. The standards may vary depending on the quality that a customer is looking for. Currently, 720p video quality seems to be the standard for the high-end models. It may not be long before more powerful cameras are integrated into various models, probably with zooming capabilities. All things considered, however, it is clear that the current batch of HD camera glasses has succeeded in bringing to life what used to be just science fiction.

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