HD Camera Glasses

HD Camera Glasses

Jul 17

Advancement in technology has reached another height with video shooting, image capturing, and music playing. Unbelievably, IT experts have merged the uses of three different gadgets into one complete item. This device has been researched and developed, while mixing multiple functions and high-tech specifications in one lightweight and fashionable item, which is now popularly called as ‘HD Camera glasses’.

Usually available in local gadget stores and virtual shops, HD Camera glasses can be purchased in professional and ordinary styles. You can select the type of lens frames, which are in black, gray, shiny silver, white, and dark blue. The kind of fit and brand also differ depending on your preference. Actually, affordable prices of sunglasses are around $20, while expensive types are about $1000 or more. Most online-based product providers tender international shipping and local delivery to all customers. They even offer seasonal coupons to grant savings.

HD eyewear has gained its popularity due to its technical structure and exemplary specs. There are only few devices which offer numerous benefits at the price of one. To understand further the value of this gadget, below are brief descriptions of the design, features and specifications.

Design – Even if this gadget is equipped with a variety of features, developers retained the look of ordinary glasses to conceal wirings and special buttons. In fact, wires are aesthetically and safely integrated around the frames. Lenses are also photo-chromatic and have UV-ray guard for better eye experience. Only small components are placed inside the frames to achieve its light weight and less bulky structure.

Video – This gadget has footage stabilization feature and motion detection for greater shooting. You can take advantage of quick documentation, automatic focus, manual mode, scheduled record, pre-event mode and motion recognition. With its NTSC/PAL average input, 650 mA current and battery capacity, you can record up to four hours of movie and events. Its recorder is in AVI format and has 1280 by 720p resolution. There will be no problem in decoding footages into real hardware because clear images are possible with gadget’s resolution and thirty frames per second capacity.

Hidden Camera – Generally, this gadget has 4.3 megapixels of photo-capture and 12 megapixels of snapshot-capture. In simpler terms, the cam can take a photo every three seconds. The photo format is in jpg with 4623 by 2600p. You can even adjust the lighting for greater results. Moreover, automatic histogram feature, auto-backlight adjustment, low tone control and high tone modification are all included in this gadget.

Audio – This HD device is equipped with ISO-quality features like 16-bit sound codec, noise removal specs, and high-tech noise filter. These specifications reduce unbearable sounds and static. Additionally, you can enjoy listening to music like you have a built-in MP3. You can also record your voice and other sounds.

Memory and Battery: HD Camera glasses are compatible with 2.0 USB which allows file transfers and battery recharging. The memory capacity is up to 32GB which can record hours of footages and hundreds of photos. Usually, Lithium Ion battery is used it can be recharged for two hours and used again.

View Angle and Transmitter: This eyewear features 90-degree viewing angle for optimal utility. You can also broadcast live footages and photos by attaching a transmitter. Definitely, this is a useful tool for journalists, investigators and researchers.

Other Spywear Features: There are time and date features showing Year/Month/Day and Hour/Minute/Second formats. You can also record in cycles or repeat memory storage for longer usage. There are no special tools necessary for PC and MAC because the gadget is compatible with numerous technologies.

HD Camera glasses can be described as user-friendly and simple to operate. In fact, although buttons are not obvious around frames, you can easily capture images and footages with ease. If you are concerned with your outfit, you can still record images and footages, while being fashionable. What you see is what you capture. Every moment, movement, and sound will never get away with this gadget. Additionally, this is also a free-hand tool which makes it very pragmatic for activities requiring constant recording and multi-tasking. This gadget is not only recommended for those who like traveling. This is also for those who want to finish various tasks in a limited time.

High-Definition Camera glasses are valuable in a number of activities. You can be a spy,

For Academic Activities: You can record class lectures, observations and social events by using this device. You can multi-task without seeking help from another student. You can make footages, while examining elements or write notes, while observing experiments.

For Private Uses: You can capture family bonding and life memories without holding any gadget. You can freely move, travel, and tell stories, while documenting the events with ease. If you have a baby, you can record his/her first walk, first smile, and funny events, while playing with him/her.

In Sports: If you’re adventurous, you can wear this gadget while motor cycling, hunting animals, mountain biking, horse riding, skiing, etc. You can enjoy your favorite activities, while recording the events at the same time.

Special Events: If you want to record special events without affecting the ambiance and emotions of other people, you can just look at them and footages and pictures will be obtained. This is very functional during shows, proposals, wedding events, and even birthdays.

For Professional Purposes: Whether you are a presidential guard, investigative journalist, secret shopper, or a surveillance agent, this gadget will assist you with your duties. You can record interviews and events without being obvious. You can even gather video evidences and confidential meetings with this device. If you want unnoticeable surveillance equipment, this is the best option for you – not bulky and hands-free.

Personal Security: Because this gadget is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, you can use this protective gear. If you are working in a night shift and you are concerned with your security, this can help you determine criminals in case you are involved in accidents or become a victim of crimes.

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