HD Camera Glasses: The Next Best Thing to iPod?

HD Camera Glasses: The Next Best Thing to iPod?

Jul 18

Our generation has seen a lot of technological discoveries and innovations. Microwave technology has made it possible to cook anything in just minutes instead of hours. Computers have gone from simple and bulky computing machines to portable and light devices with multiple functionalities. The telephone has evolved from being an immovable communication device to something that one can use anytime or anywhere in the world. Communication devices have widened in scope and now people can talk and see each other even if they are miles apart. Taking pictures and videos have also improved significantly throughout the years. All this innovations have but one purpose – to make our lives easier and less complicated to live. And as our generation progresses, we are yet to see more technological innovations to help us have a better life.

 The iPod is one of the greatest examples of technological evolution. When it was invented, the designers simply intended for it to be a device that can let anyone listen to their favorite music without carrying around a radio or a bulky music player. It was a portal to someone’s favorite music which can be conveniently downloaded anytime from a centralized portal (iTunes). Yet now it has become a multi-purpose entertainment tool where one can watch videos, play games, and even communicate with friends and loved ones. It can also be used to capture pictures and videos of anything that the user wants to document or keep as a wonderful memory. Different versions and models have been released, catering to one’s specific needs and interests.

 Cameras have also undergone such evolution. From being an immovable device which takes hours to setup to being something portable, it has continuously evolved to capture clearer images. It has also become commercially available and easy to use that even kids could take pictures of anything they want to capture in still view. Before one needs to wait for hours or days for the film to be developed and the pictures be printed. Now, however, images are available for viewing in an instant and can be conveniently printed using a photo printer or any similar equipment. Thus, the amount of photos taken each day has exponentially increased compared to the amount of pictures taken a few decades or a few years back.

 This is not entirely the case for videos. While it is true that most mobile devices right now have the ability to capture videos, most of them would spit out blurred recordings with poor sound quality. For those who would like to be able to capture good-quality videos, one has to spend a lot of money in buying a video camera with no other use.  At first, it could be fun to have one. However, it usually takes minutes to set up, thus important moments may already be missed before the camera starts rolling so to speak. It can also be difficult to find a good spot or a steady position where everything important can be captured. The user may just opt to hold the device, but this could result into an unstable footage which can be difficult to watch. Thus, videos are used right now just to capture the most important moments.

 A new invention which was commercially released this year could pave the way to the evolution of taking videos. Commercially known as HD camera glasses, it is a device which enables the wearer of the device to shoot videos or take photos just by looking at the subject. The pair of sunglasses has a recording device conveniently installed where it will be impossible to see. Thus, other people would think that you are just wearing a normal piece of eyewear. Afterwards, you can just surprise them by showing them that you were able to shoot high-quality videos without using any bulky equipment, and that you are able to shoot everything from start to finish because you did not need a lot of time for setting up or looking for the best spot.

 For video enthusiasts, this is a great innovation because all one needs is the pair of sunglasses and a 32GB micro-SD card. Once the memory card has been entered into the appropriate slot, the user can record any important milestones or just anything that is currently happening during that moment. There is no need to choose to record just the most important moments because it just takes seconds to transfer the files to another storage device once the memory card is full. One can even have the option to purchase spare memory cards and power source for hours and hours of continuous recording.

 HD camera glasses can also pave the way for better and more efficient security devices. Conventional personal surveillance cameras look similar if not exactly the same. Thus, it becomes easy for criminals, especially the technologically savvy ones to identify the blind spots and work their way around the cameras in order to do what they want to do. Because of their size, they can sometimes be easy to identify; thus most of the recordings on file are just waste of space and cannot be used for evidence when something bad happens. Since it is entirely possible to install a sophisticated recording device in something as small and compact as a pair of sunglasses, it is highly possible that security experts would be able to come up with similar devices that can help lower the crime rate even further.

 HD camera glasses can just be the start of something better and bigger. The invention of this device has made it possible for design and style to meet with efficiency, allowing users to shoot high definition videos without the need for heavy equipment and without having to deal with messy tapes or other storage devices. Now that it has been proven that a small device can be used to shoot high-quality videos, it could lead to other innovations that would make the sophisticated but bulky video cameras obsolete. Although our generation has already seen a lot of technological milestones, we can say that our generation is still young and that a lot of better and more innovative things lie ahead of us.

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