HD Camera Glasses: Taking Personal Security to a Higher Level

HD Camera Glasses: Taking Personal Security to a Higher Level

Feb 21

We live in dangerous times. All over the world, crimes take place every second. No one is utterly safe, regardless of where they may be – home, school, office, park or mall. People with bad intentions could strike anywhere, anytime or anyone they want. Because of this, it is necessary for people to take precaution everywhere they may go. We all need to take security matters seriously everywhere we go, and make sure that we equip ourselves and our family with the necessary tools in order to stay safe and minimize the risk of being a victim.

The invention of the security cameras is one big leap in addressing crimes. Crime rates have dropped significantly in places where the criminals could be caught on video, and that documentation can be used as evidence to prosecute the violators. Shoplifters would now think twice before taking anything; bank robbers would hesitate to attack a bank fully equipped with these machines. Even attackers in streets are now prevented from doing damage once they see a device that could document what they are about to do. Since the invention of this equipment up to this date, it has saved millions of lives everywhere.

However, the cost incurred for putting up such expensive equipment is not affordable for everyone. Some also find it impractical to install cameras, especially for those who are always on the go. They feel that they can take care of themselves using other means than just being able to document anything bad that may happen. The entire set up can also be complicated; for instance, it could be difficult to find the right angle or view that needs to be monitored. The recording files can also take up a lot of space any deemed useless or of no value in the future.

There is a new alternative to this predicament. Security is taken a notch higher through (high definition) HD camera glasses. Through this new innovation, one can discreetly be protected without attracting too much attention. As the name implies, the device looks like a typical pair of sunglasses, but it has the ability to record high-definition videos and capture pictures whenever the one wearing it deems necessary. Now that is convenience and security rolled into one. Let us take a closer look at how this device works and the benefits of being an owner of this great invention.

Although the HD camera glasses look the same as normal pairs of eyeglasses, it has a built in video recorder which can allow the user to record videos and take photos which is limited only by the size of the memory card being used. The device can support a micro-SD card that is up to 32GB. Therefore, if the situation calls for it, the user can take a photo or a video of a possible offender just by looking at him or her. That person would not even realize that his or her actions are already being caught on tape so to speak.

The user can regularly upload the recorded data into a laptop or any storage device to free up the memory card for another day on the move. One advantage is that one can protect himself or herself without automatically signaling the offender that he is in trouble. The user can go on with his normal activities and he or she will not even stand out among the crowd. The user may also be able to help save someone else from harm because the offender can be documented discreetly and efficiently.

Another advantage involves cost. HD camera glasses are a lot cheaper than surveillance cameras. It is also portable and the view depends on what the user sees, so there is no need to install or purchases multiple units just to cover a specific area. The user can practically bring it everywhere and use it any time he feels the need to. Thus, one is always secured at all times especially if that person needs to go to places where surveillance cameras are not available. Documentation can be started or stopped anytime the user wants or needs to, as long as there is still power and memory available.

One of the setbacks of using this device is the recording time. One should not expect 24/7 monitoring from this device given the limited amount of memory that the device can accommodate. If a person needs round-the-clock surveillance, then this is not the recommended device. This device is only recommended for quick visits to unsecured locations since one would have to unload the contents of the memory card and recharge power. This issue can be addressed by having a spare memory card or a laptop where files can be uploaded in minutes, or spare batteries or power supply.

Another disadvantage that one may encounter is blurred recording if the user of the sunglasses is not able to find a stable or steady spot to shoot. During an emergency, it may be difficult to look for a strategic position unless one is just an observer. There is also a tendency for the user to forget to turn on the camera and not be able to record the incident that needs to be documented because of nervousness or stress. Unlike pre-installed cameras, this device has to be operated manually so the user has to always be ready to look for a good spot or switch the button on whenever the need arises.

Personal security is taken a notch higher through the invention and manufacture of this new device. Some analysts project that this device can be successful the way the iPod has been accepted and loved by people everywhere. HD camera glasses are stylish, comfortable to wear and very affordable. Best of all, it can be one of the best devices one can have or purchase in order to ensure safety for himself and for his entire family at all times.  Who needs to install complicated surveillance cameras when one can take advantage of a device that seems to be cut out from a James Bond movie?

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