HD Camera Glasses – Not Really Spying, Just Getting the Tough Video Footage

HD Camera Glasses – Not Really Spying, Just Getting the Tough Video Footage

Feb 10

This year definitely saw a boom in the spywear industry. The fact is, more and more people are actually looking for glasses with camera which they can use to capture various moments. And if you are interested in this yourself, then the good news is, there are actually a lot of companies nowadays which are selling these spywear in high quality. Yes, you no longer have to settle for the mediocre because the industry has, well, levelled up with the great innovations and technological advancements today.

Actually, the use of hidden camera and sunglasses with recording capacity for audio and video has been around for some time now. As a matter of fact, there are already brands and companies which have been selling these spywear for a long time already. But as a lot of users themselves say, the quality of the recording is not really that great.

But now, there are a lot of high quality spywear that you can choose from for whatever purpose that you have in mind. The fact is, these HD camera glasses are useful for various purposes. Yes, they are not only for activities of a spy. The uses  have diversified to include even everyday activities.

Say for instance you are a fan of the James Bond movie and you admire the spy tools and eyewear of James Bond himself, you can now actually get one for yourself with the various brands and designs available. There are a lot of spy  sunglasses with camera nowadays. Just like what is featured in the famous James Bond movie. HD camera glasses and spywear.

With these spywear with camera, you can now take videos with good quality and resolution  But how exactly does this work?

Basically, these spy sunglasses with camera have a spy camera recorder that is already built in the unit. It is just an ordinary pinhole camera that is capable of recording both audio and video. Thus, it actually works like any other spy camera. So in essence, you will be recording things from your own point of view and what your eyes can see at their level. More than that, there are actually a lot of things to love about these spy sunglasses. To give you a clearer idea about that, here are some of them for starters.

For one, if you manage to get a camera with high quality, you can take snapshots and videos at a high resolution. As a matter of fact, there are spy sunglasses units which are capable of recording sounds and video at a resolution of 1280×960.  There are even models at 720p.  Actually, this is what a lot of users are looking for. Of course, you would want a video recording that you can see clearly. And with the great innovations and advancements in technology nowadays, you can already get high definition videos even though a spy camera.

And mind you, the video and audio are in digital format. That means that you can easily transfer them to your personal computer or laptop to save the files. Then you can also edit them. The footage you will capture can also be played with any video player. You can also upload your captured footage online.

Another good thing about these spy sunglasses is the fact that they are pretty simple and discreet so you will not have a problem concealing it. Actually, you do not have to. Even at a close distance and inspection, you will not notice that there is actually a camera placed in between the lenses. That is how small it is. So basically, your spy sunglasses will look like any other eyewear that you can buy in a mall. As a matter of fact, that is what a lot of people like about these devices. They are so discreet that no one will know that you are actually wearing spy sunglasses already.

More so, these spywear are pretty easy to carry around. As previously mentioned, they are just like your ordinary eyewear. You can just place them in their case and put them in your purse. As easy as that and you can bring them anywhere you want to.

Say for instance you want to travel and you do not want to bring a bulky video camera or digital single lens reflex with you, you can still record and bring back the memories of your travel through these spy sunglasses. Yes, these eyewear are not just for the spies or spies at heart.  They can also be very useful and handy during trips and vacation.

Using a video camera to capture every moment of your trip can really be tiring. You will always have to hold your hand up to and position yourself to get good shots. More so, it can really strain the muscles of your arms as you try to capture the moments longer. At the same time, you may even miss out on other great scenes or sights as you try to pan your camera and focus.

On the other hand, if you have spy sunglasses, you will not have to worry about any of those scenarios mentioned above. You will just have to wear the sunglasses and push the button to turn it on so it can start recording video as well as audio. And just like that you can literally capture on high definition and high quality video literally everything that your eyes can see.  Thus, you will not miss out on anything.

And since everything is in digital format, you can readily transfer the files to your computer to make way for more recordings. So in essence, these spy sunglasses are really a great travelling  buddy that will let you capture every moment of your vacation.

On the other hand, say you are scheduled to watch a sports game and you want to capture every moment of action. That can also be possible through these spy sunglasses. As a matter of fact, you will also find spy sunglasses which are specifically focused on capturing moments in sporting events.


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      If you are interested in Camera Glasses, I have used several and “Grabit Glasses” are by far the best quality and come with a good battery and 8GB storage.

      The price varies, but you should be able to get them for $150-$200…

      Glad I could be of some assistance :)

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