HD Camera Glasses – Live Your Spy Dreams

HD Camera Glasses – Live Your Spy Dreams

Jul 18

Anyone who has seen a James Bond film or any other similar movies will most likely have dreamed about being a spy with various technologically advanced gadgets, such as HD camera glasses, at one’s disposal. Today, with the fast-paced development in the field of technology, those dreams can become a reality. In recent years, many spy gadgets have been produced and made available to anyone who can afford them, an example of which is the digital camera glasses. These so-called spywear allows its wearer to covertly capture video or record audio through a normal-looking pair of sunglasses not unlike the ones used in spy films.

Indeed, the recent wave of digital spy camera glasses can be considered as a case of life imitating art. The spywear industry has experienced an upsurge of products with new companies seem to be sprouting from out of nowhere to present to the world their latest offerings. This phenomenon has made people realize that they can now make their spy dreams come true, as long as they are willing to shell out a few dollars from their pockets. On the other side of the fence, companies are scrambling to come up with more advanced products such as the latest HD camera sunglasses that are now capable of recording at 720p.

A quick search in the Internet for spy camera glasses will return literally thousands of choices for the earnest buyer, making customers realize for the first time that such an industry has been thriving for several years. The choices for the aspiring spy when it comes to audio-video recording capable sunglasses are almost endless. The price range, too, runs the gamut from the cheap to the bankruptcy inducing ones. As every other product currently in the market is capable of acting as a spywear and a security gadget, the battleground for companies is turning out to be in the specifications such as the camera pixel and the capacity of built-in memories.

Older versions of spy sunglasses are capable only of recording grainy, black and white videos. However, the latest products can deliver picture and audio quality that can put many normal cameras to shame. For instance, some camera glasses can now record in high definition 720p then stream the recording via Bluetooth or smart phones. The recording process with these gadgets has also been improved with some units now capable of completely hands-free video and audio capturing with the help of a remote control.

In addition, the appearance of many of these gadgets has greatly improved. Bulkiness was a perennial problem for these covert security eyewear units in the past. However, today, this problem is slowly becoming a thing of the past as many of the latest units now genuinely look as normal as signature aviator sunglasses. The improved memory capacity has also increased the viability of these spy cameras. From 4 gig capacities that allowed the recording of up to one hour’s worth of video at 720p, some of the latest units and those still in development boast of 8-gig memory capacity.

Another improvement that people will notice of today’s digital camera glasses is the location of the pinhole cameras. Unlike in the past when the camera position could give away the spy sunglasses, today’s models are superbly made that it is almost impossible to detect that they are spywear without scrutinizing them. These spy sunglasses also come in various styles. Some look stylish signature glasses while others are designed to appear like athletic sunglasses similar to the ones worn by cyclists. Whatever the personality of the person wearing them, there is sure to be a style to fit them.

These cool gadgets also come with high quality microphones, allowing the budding spy, or a professional one for that matter, to clearly record conversations and other sounds needed to complement the high-definition video recording. Noise reduction is also possible with some models. This is especially handy when recording in a public place where noise could easily overpower the voice or sound that is supposed to be recorded. Aside from Bluetooth, transferring recorded media to a computer can be easily done through USB and even Wi-Fi for some of the more advanced models. Batteries usually come in rechargeable lithium-ion varieties that could last up to 200 minutes.

Flexibility is also one of the strong points of these HD camera glasses. Most models allow the user to change the lens of the sunglasses. This allows users to change the look of their eyewear depending on the environment, occasion, or time of day. Simply put, these gadgets are tailor-made for both the spy in-training and veteran spies who are trying to reinvent their image. That being said, these gadgets are not exclusively for spying purposes. For years, camera sunglasses have been used by athletes to record sports events, as well as by police officers for security and surveillance purposes.

These cameras are also suitable for normal people who just want to record day-to-day events for documentation as well as outdoor outings. The only problem when using spy glasses as a substitute for handheld cameras is that the wearer will have no chance to soak up some screen time, unless, of course, the user changes place with some of his or her companions. For budding filmmakers and documentary filmmakers, these gadgets are the perfect companion when filming elusive subjects. Journalists, too, will greatly benefit from these gadgets. This especially true when doing investigative work that requires journalists to get evidence that would support their exposes. However, spy sunglasses are definitely not made for perverts who would want to satisfy their, well, perverseness by ogling on things that they are not supposed to look at. Then again, nobody can really control how these gadgets will be used, which is clearly one of the drawbacks with these spy cams.

Overall, though, these gadgets are perfect showcases of the technological advancement of the times. In the coming years, companies are expected to continue to improve their products. For now, though, the latest and most advanced HD camera sunglasses are sure to attract a lot of attention.

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