HD Camera Glasses: A New Look at Personal Surveillance

HD Camera Glasses: A New Look at Personal Surveillance

Jul 18

Personal surveillance involves different aspects means a lot of things. For some, this pertains to being able to take precautionary measures to prevent criminals from breaking into a home or doing bad things to individuals or families. For some, it is about observing a person or a group of people to confirm or verify if they are doing or planning to do anything bad or illegal. For some, it can mean being able to look after the people you love or care about without causing them to worry or without alarming them about any imminent danger. In this day and age where crime takes place almost everywhere, security and personal surveillance should be taken seriously. It could be one of the best means to protect yourself and the people in your household or office against any untoward incidents.

There are different ways to implement personal surveillance and elevate the level of security in a certain location. The more radical steps would be to keep arms and other protective weapons around the house or the office, or employ guards. For buildings and commercial locations, this would prove efficient; but it is definitely awkward to have guards walking all over the house and keeping armed weapons in a place where everyone is supposed to feel safe. It is outright impractical as well. This is why for households the most common means to have personal surveillance is through the use of security cameras and door alarms. It is now common to find homes where cameras are installed in strategic places in order to ensure that the owner would be alerted just in case an intruder finds his way in or attempts to do so.

 The use of surveillance cameras, however, may not be sufficient to ensure 24/7 monitoring, unless a person decides not to go out of his house for the rest of his life. There will be instances when a person would need to go out of the house, probably to go to work or run some errands. Thus, having a personal surveillance system installed at home is not enough to ensure safety at all times. There will always be a little window where a person will not be protected by such equipment. Although most streets are already equipped with this security device, there will always be some dark corner or spot where a vicious criminal may attack. Given this situation, is there no other way to ensure 24/7 protection especially for people who needs to be on the go for most of the time?

 The invention of HD camera glasses makes round-the-clock security entirely possible. What is this device anyway? Pretty much, as the name implies, it is a video-capture device that is conveniently installed in a pair of normally-looking sunglasses. There is a small slot where you can place a 32GB micro-SD card and capture videos and take pictures whenever and wherever you want. The need for installation or holding up a bulky device is eliminated because anything the user sees can be recorded immediately.  Although the device is mainly intended to be used for safety reasons, it is slowly evolving to become a typical device around the house since it can also be used to record important events or footage that the person or the family can look back to after a few years.

 As a personal surveillance device, it can come in handy during a long drive or for people who prefer to walk going home. Having this device is like having a surveillance camera following you wherever you may need to go. In addition, no one would even notice you have one. Thus, it will not stir any commotion or cause anyone to be alarmed. One can practically go on with his or her life but be assured that he or she will always be able to record any offenders that may be encountered. The device can also be used to help others that are in need. It is also important to note that the device does not even cost one unit of conventional surveillance camera.

 In addition, the glasses can also be used to launch discreet personal surveillance on a person or a group of person. It’s as if you are starring in your own spy movie with your own sophisticated spywear. You can observe anyone without them being aware that you are already documenting what they are doing. This can be helpful in solving mysterious events or anything that can lead to someone being harmed. Thus, a crime can be prevented even before it happens. Of course, this needs to be done within legal limits because one could be accused of being a stalker or intruding into someone’s privacy.

 Lastly, the device can be used for entertainment or personal reasons. People are forced to buy bulky and expensive video cameras, unless they are willing to miss important moments and events in their lives or in the lives of their loved ones. Using traditional video cameras can be exciting at first, but the heavy weight and the messy set up before being able to catch a video on record can eventually get into anyone. With this device, someone can easily record milestones with ease, and at high-definition and 30 frames per second.

 HD camera glasses could be the biggest innovation when it comes to personal surveillance. You can use it in places where conventional surveillance cameras are not available. It is also discreet and completely unnoticeable. Aside from the benefits this device can give to keep people safe, it can also be used as a convenient HD video recorder to document important milestones in someone’s life. It is very convenient to be able to document an important baseball game or an important meeting without having to hold up a bulky camera to do the job. For such a versatile and handy device, shelling out a few hundreds of dollars is definitely well worth it. Who needs bulky equipment when everything you need is in one small, stylish and comfortable package?

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