HD Camera Glasses

HD Camera Glasses

Jul 18

The Ultra Suave Spy Gear

 Remember the days when video cameras were these gargantuan hunks of machinery that needed stands or wheels just for people to carry them about? Those were the days when film spies who carry video cameras the size of cigarette packs were just the stuff of Hollywood. Well, technology has certainly done a lot of innovations with that.

Nowadays, cameras seem to be present in every square foot in the urban jungle. People have this growing desire to keep everything in file for whatever purpose – whether for work, business, passion, creativity, or boredom. Aside from the typical camera phone, people also have the standard digital camera, video camera, as well as the webcams on their laptops. Seems like everywhere you go, people can always take a record of what you’re doing with a single click.

While recording everything in sight can be a hobby for some people (say, making a personal record of your day to day life on your video blog and showing it to the world – but who knows, they might learn something from it), you can channel it for “the greater good” as well, such as providing a medium to record a literal first person point of view for investigative purposes.

Of course, taking videos or pictures of someone without them knowing about it (within legal restrictions) would not be so easy with the standard camera. This is where spy gear comes into play.

What is spy gear, pray tell?

Spy gear is basically a type of device that is used to discreetly collect information through surveillance. A classic example would be a pair of binoculars. Now, the kind of technology that has been applied to spy gear has gone way beyond binoculars and involves more sophisticated equipment and specialized features.

There is a wide variety of spy gear equipment, ranging from different kinds of cameras to state of the art tracking devices and infrared night vision devices. The most praiseworthy types of spy gear are the ones which are “incognito,” which can be mistaken for everyday items.

You can buy spy gear at army surplus stores or specialized stores that offer such paraphernalia. As a matter of fact, spy gear can even be bought online. Just do a lot of research on your local area for restrictions and laws regarding the use of spy gear first. That’s because you would not want to end up on the wrong side of the law with your new toy.

One of the most popular types of spy gear would have to be the camera. They are the most convenient and accurate information recorders known to man, capturing suspicious activities at the press of a button. The best type of spy gear camera would be the kind that is disguised so that capturing the subject would be easy since it makes them totally unaware that he is under observation.

For spy aficionados, you can go all James Bond and go undercover, recording everything in detail so that you will have solid proof of whatever it is you are spying on. With cameras, business would also fare very well, especially for journalists. And what better way to record videos than with HD camera glasses?

Now what on earth are HD camera glasses and how do they work?

HD camera glasses would have the appearance of your typical glasses (of course these may also come in customized styles for the more quirky type of clientele). But these glasses hold a cool, “Mission Impossible” secret – they have a color camera cleverly hidden inside its frame that can capture videos, pictures, and audio. The quality is, as the name implies, in high definition and a really awesome pair of HD camera glasses would give you superb recording capabilities both in and out of doors.

The technology in high quality HD camera glasses is quite extraordinary, because they sport a very small high definition color digital video recorder/monitor which can be manipulated with a remote control. The recorder can even have special features such as motion detection and a tamper evident counter. You can also add the time and date stamp to make your filming more accurate. Your recordings are usually in .AVI file and saved into an SD card or a built in memory card for easy upload, download, and playback on your personal computer.

The system is wired, but camouflaged so neatly that nobody can tell. Usually, the wire is concealed within the neck strap of the glasses to keep it obscure. You can walk around a public area nonchalantly and people would never tell that everything you are looking at is being filmed. Naturally, the system runs on rechargeable batteries that can keep going for 3 hours or more.

HD camera glasses have been designed ideally for private investigators and investigative journalists. You might think that such a slick device would cost you a fortune but it they are actually reasonably priced. Shopping for a pair online may be just the thing since it will help you to easily compare prices. The possibility of scoring great deals is also higher when you are shopping online.

Just remember to take good care of your HD camera glasses once you’ve got them. Store it once you are done using. Imagine the awkwardness when people find out you own a discreet recording device. In the event that you do get caught, make sure to come up with a slick excuse and practice acting relaxed to get you out of that sticky situation.

Remember, ultra cool spy gear such as HD camera glasses can be purchased for fun, for business, or for recording suspicious activities that need to be addressed. Don’t be a sick-o and maliciously invade someone’s privacy or else your awesome gadget would buy you a one way ticket to the slammer.

But if you are an investigative journalist, a mystery shopper, a private investigator, a video blog celebrity in the making, or simply a dude who wants to have a really cool and badass pair of glasses, then HD camera glasses would certainly be a pair that you must have.

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