HD Camera Glasses

HD Camera Glasses

Jul 18

Imagine sporting a deceptively simple looking pair of glasses that is actually recording everything you lay your eyes on. This scenario is not trapped within the confines of science fiction anymore, because science and technology has developed the awesome invention that is HD camera glasses.

While there are many different types of cameras that have been designed for particular uses, owning a piece of spy gear equipment does not only make you badass, but it also highly increases your documenting prowess. Of course, HD camera glasses are not limited to usage in covert operations and espionage.

Make like you’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible by sporting a hot pair of HD camera glasses! This extremely slick spy gear is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun AND provide you with cool undercover surveillance features.

HD camera glasses may look like ordinary glasses but they actually have a hidden camera in the lens to record everything you look at. It’s a great part of the disguise of any investigative reporter, mystery shopper, athlete, traveler, traffic police officer or private investigator. If you also want to make a cool documentary of your daily activities to share on your video blog or with your family and friends then HD camera glasses would make it even more cool and easy.

HD camera glasses would also serve to be extremely useful for recording evidences such as car accidents (knock on wood), family fun activities, hospital and health care documentations, sports, any many more events.

HD camera glasses are a cool and direct way of recording what you are seeing, compared to other hidden camera version such as button or book HD cameras. HD camera glasses would be like an immediate first person view of your activities.

Even celebrities such as Lady Gaga have sported this mega awesome spy gear for really cool documentation. Imagine looking at a concert through the actual artist’s point of view? Only HD camera glasses can really grant you an experience like that!

How a pair of HD camera glasses works:

  • Think of a miniaturized digital video camera that is hidden in the nose piece area of the glasses. HD camera glasses are batter operated and saves the recordings on a micro SD card or built in storage.
  • Some HD camera glasses can be controlled via remote while others have the control buttons creatively concealed on the piece itself.

How to shop for HD Camera Glasses:

  • It is always best to compare prices when shopping for something, and HD camera glasses are no exception. Many shops offer deals and buying online can be easier since canvassing will be faster and more convenient.
  • It is also wise to read up some reviews on the product to determine its quality. This way you would know what to expect out of your purchase.
  • Now, to find the best bang for your buck when it comes to this type of spy gear, look for HD camera glasses with real hardware decoding and a 1280 720P High definition solution video.
  • A great pair should have high quality audio record aside from photography and video recording. The audio may have noise removal and advanced audio codec as well.
  • Special features such as cycled recording in the event of full storage is also a cool plus, especially if you are immediately caught in an electrifying moment.
  • Video recording should be capable in high speed and has quick light respond.
  • It should be easily synced to your personal computer or your laptop and it should be user friendly. The video format is ideally AVI and the still photos are ideally n JPEG format for easy transfer, download and uploading.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the capacity of the memory card. Some HD camera glasses have micro SD cards that can store up to 32 GB. Now that’s a lot of memories!
  • A healthy extended battery life is also highly advantageous. The average would be around 3 to 4 hours but if you can find a pair of HD camera glasses with longer battery life that does not cost too much, then even better.
  • Of course, the aesthetic appeal of the glasses is another factor when it comes to choosing one. It should suit your personal style and blend in with your fashion, because if it clashes with your wardrobe then people are more likely to notice it and catch you using spy gear.

Caring for your HD Camera Glasses:

  • Naturally, you would need to properly care for your HD camera glasses, which includes using them within the laws and regulations of your locality. Keep in mind that the company you bought it from would not be responsible for anything in case you were caught using your HD camera glasses in a malicious or illegal fashion.
  • More often than not, HD camera glasses are not waterproof (unless otherwise specified) so keep it ideally at room temperature and out of water. And remember, water resistant is not the same as waterproof so don’t push your luck unless you can afford to lose.
  • Avoid exposing your HD camera glasses to harsh elements such as a prolonged contact to sunlight because this may cause damage to the lens.
  • Always save backup for your files and do not use your HD camera glasses as a storage device since it wasn’t built with that feature as the number one priority. Important records should be saved into a computer or separate storage device.

You’ve got to admit, it is really cool to own a pair of HD camera glasses. It is an essential for edgy journalists who want to really capture the moments from their point of view, and it’s a really fun and exciting way to record personal events in your life. Not only that, but it can prove to be a very useful thing to have during unexpected events, such as recording vital evidence during unexpected. How cool is that?

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