HD Camera Glasses

HD Camera Glasses

Jul 18

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a real life spy or are you magnetized by the functions of high definition gadgets? No one can blame you for drooling over technological devices, because these products are developed through years of research and artistry. Actually, tech experts have powered-up to combine high-quality materials and features to construct state-of-the art device good for video-audio-image purposes – which is now known as ‘HD Camera Glasses’.

Unlike other gadgets, this widget merges various functions of a camcorder, a camera, and MP3 player disguised as a multi-operational eyewear. Even though it has a number of exceptional features, it is not huge and doesn’t look complicated. In fact, it appears like ordinary glasses which can be worn indoors and outdoors. Wirings, hidden cameras, and control buttons are concealed in a good way which makes the gadget look normal.

Buying this spywear costs lesser than purchasing separate MP3 player, camera, and camcorder. Even though it has video-audio-image specs, prices don’t necessarily follow separate prices of each gadget added as one. However, rates depend on the brand and extra specifications of the glasses. Typically, cheap types cost around $20, while luxurious kinds rate as much as $1000 and up.

The gadget’s special features contribute to its high-tech film shooting, image capturing, and music playing. In this section, you will understand the specs of any multi-functional HD Camera Glasses. Generally, most gadgets in the market have similar specifications, they only differ with how brands call and rate these specs.

The list below will show the usual design and specifications of the gadget:

  • Photo Capture: This gadget has 350 resolution lines and contains 510×492-NTSC and 500×582-PAL of effective pixels. With its integrated lenses, 48dB S/N ratio, ¼ inch Interline-CCD, and 0.5 Lux (F1.4) illuminations, you can get quality images. Its 1/50 to 1/100000 electronic shutter and remote control allows ease of image shooting which can be used for a maximum of three hours.
  • Video Specs: You can record AVI-format videos in 1280×720 or 960x720p resolutions, clear sound features, 1.5 hours of battery life, 4-hour storage, NTSC/PAL standard input, 650mA function current and simple frame controls. When in use, your record-mode options are manual, automatic, scheduled, motion recognition, and pre-event capture.
  • Battery Life: Equipped with DC 3.6 volts/2200-MAH Lithium Ion battery and a low-power alerter, the gadget can last for a maximum of 200 minutes and can be recharged for two hours in DC 5-volts power supply. The battery has the capacity to play audio files, take photos and record footages for about two hours.
  • Memory Capacity: With the gadget’s usual 2.4 TFT LCD display, you can take advantage of up to 8GB memory or 32GB in SD and 2.0 USB PC interface. The memory can also be removed if you want to make copies of the videos and photos.
  • Design Specs: This high-tech spywear is designed with lightweight frames weighing about 91grams with batteries. Its dimensions measure 80x52x22 mm and has stereo headphones, date-time table (Year/Month/Day & Hour/Min./Second) and replaceable polarized lenses with anti-scratch features.

HD Camera Glasses is gaining positive recognition not only because of its extraordinary features; it also offers a variety of advantages to its users. Just imagine the ease of having a recorder/camera/player which doesn’t need to be held in hands or be placed in locations. Capturing images and recording footages are both achieved based on the perspective of the eyes – which allows realistic results. Every move can be captured manually or automatically. You can run, walk, and do vigorous movements without securing the device in protective cases or conceal them inside jackets.

When utilized for personal reasons or professional activities, HD sunglasses can successfully obtain videos and sounds without being too obvious. Just like in the movies, spies and secret agents blend in with ordinary people without being caught to complete their missions. Other than being lightweight, this gadget is not bulky and noticeable. To give you further clue about the use of this spywear, below is a list of its functions:

Documentation: As its major purpose, this gadget can record footages and images with ease. You can use this for school projects, scientific observations, and research purposes. In fact, you can examine, write, and record at the same time. There’s no need for an assistant to hold the camera or adjust locations to capture correct angles.

Security: If you’re working as a guard, you can protect your client, while capturing the event with this gadget. If emergencies happen like shoot-outs and accidents, the recorded video can help in the investigation.

Entertainment: These high-tech sunglasses are compatible with large television sets and computer portals. Captured images and footages can be played in wide-screen or be saved in compact discs and video discs.

Business: Unbelievably, this can be a good investment if you want to start a shopping business. You can use this gadget to help busy and popular people canvass or purchase their preferred items. You can record items of shops and show them the results afterwards.

Protection: Like any ordinary eyewear, this gadget is designed with protective lenses suitable for outdoor use. Your eyes can be safe from harmful UV rays.

Disguise: If you’re a police asset, you can catch criminal offenders during their illegal activities without being obvious. This gadget can also be used if you or your friend wants to acquire evidences of cheating and other serious offenses of other people.

Work: This digital equipment can be utilized by investigative journalists and adventure seekers who want to create films, reports, and other documents. Due to the gadget’s lightness and wearable structure, you can do mountain climbing, biking, music listening and even writing. Definitely, you can do multi-tasking anytime and anywhere.

With its wide-range of features, HD Camera Glasses is a breakthrough in today’s world of technology. You can choose from different colorful frames, sizes, brands, price rates, and fit which are available in local gadget stores and in online shops. You can also purchase replacement lenses and high-capacity memory cards for better results. Deliveries, shipping, and coupons are also available with these products.

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