Digital Eyewear for Hunters

Digital Eyewear for Hunters

Jul 18

For that unforgettable hunting experience worth cherishing, you may choose a suitable digital eyewear for data collection. You may record both audio and visual data of your latest game hunting experience using the hands free eyewear. This eyewear is equipped with a built in rechargeable battery that can provide you with up to approximately three hours of run time. The embedded battery is usually a 500 mAh battery pack that is of the lithium polymer type.

 Like the typical spy eyeglasses, these types of hunting gears also work using a one button mechanism. As the name implies, this mechanism can enable you to start and stop recording and capturing images using a single button. This is highly convenient for those instances that require you to immediately capture a highlight of your hunting event. After the actual hunting escapade, you may even choose to download your images or video clips to your personal computer or Mac computer.

 The pinhole camera of this eyewear is located along the nose bridge of the product. This is equipped with an image clarity of around three megapixels. As soon as you purchase this product, you can readily take still photographs or video clips of your hunting experience. The rate of shooting can be as swift as 25 frames per second.

 If you think you have to take various photographs and video clips but are worried that the internal camera memory may not be able to store all of those, you should not fret. The built in memory may be expanded from around four gigabytes to approximately eight gigabytes. You may also add a micro SD card if this will not be sufficient. However, the micro SD card is usually sold separately, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. With an eight gigabyte memory in the internal camera system, you may take up to four hours of continuous video footage with high definition.

 The video clips that you have captured using this digital eyewear can be played back using the AVI format. The data is usually displayed with a resolution of approximately 740 by 500. Furthermore, the hunting glasses may be connected to your Mac computer or personal computer through the use of a universal serial bus cord. For this product, the second version is typically utilized. There is no need to use drivers for it to function properly.

 As for the operation of the eyewear, you may also make use of the start and stop button in order to make this device work. This is while the eyewear is attached to the personal computer or Mac computer. To check if this is working properly, you must see the small light constantly blinking in the same way that it does when you operate it in hands free mode.

 The lenses of these eyewear are impact resistant and scratch proof. These features allow you to perform minimal maintenance procedures for your hunting eyewear while you are out to capture your game. The manufacturers understand that you are planning to bring this eyewear on various types of environments that have tough conditions. These eyewear are durable enough to withstand the high demands that these surroundings may bring. The frames that protect the lenses are made of rugged polycarbonate. Rugged polycarbonate is widely known for its ability to withstand high impact blows that you may encounter while you are hunting.

 Usually, the manufacturers of these eyewear will also provide you with an extra pair of lenses in a different shade. This can help you adapt better when you need to be subjected under a different lighting condition. The polarized lenses can also aid in blocking off the ultraviolet rays that may harm your vision.

 Usually, manufacturers provide lenses in polarized black and clear shades. Therefore, you may also use this type of eyewear indoors. Recently, more manufacturers have been developing other shades for these eyewear. Some of these shades are amber, gray, and cyan. Other shades and shapes have also been developed for the frames to enhance the aesthetic and functional values of these eyewear.

 Aside from the built in camera installed within the frame of the hunting eyewear, the entire package also usually includes a built in microphone. This built in microphone can aid in capturing audio sounds in monaural mode. Because of this innovation, you can come up with more creative ideas while taking video footages and snapshots of your hunting experience. You may even act as the narrator of your own expedition.

 As for the visual output of the built in digital camera, you can expect the shot to be taken in a first person perspective. This can give you a more vivid feel of how your hunting experience went. Therefore, you can preserve the quality of your documentation more accurately.

 This type of digital eyewear for hunting can withstand extreme temperatures. On average, these hunting eyewear can tolerate temperatures that range from negative five degrees Celsius to approximately forty degrees Celsius. This fact implies that you may take these eyewear for hunting during any types of seasons or climates.

 Generally, various consumers have provided positive feedback after using these products for their hunting trips. Some have even been adventurous enough to take these eyewear to desert trails while riding on an ATV. The eyewear has been reported to tolerate the high level of tremors caused by external factors such as a moving vehicle. Despite this problem, the installed camera has been reported to provide good definition of images with high resolution.

 However, a noted downside of this product is the audio reception of the built in microphone. While the microphone can clearly capture the voice of the wearer, the consumers reported that the microphone has difficulty recording the voices and sounds if the sources are beyond five meters. This is particularly evident when capturing voices of other people around the wearer. When the consumers viewed the video clip, the audio component is usually delayed. Despite these concerns, they still think it is a good product because of the high level of convenience that it can bring the users.

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