Digital Camera Glasses

Digital Camera Glasses

Jul 18

Digital camera glasses are the latest gadgets for anyone who is in the cover surveillance business. Thanks to how efficient technology is, manufacturers have made it possible to create extremely stylish glasses packed with high quality video surveillance. Who needs a camcorder with this type of item on hand?

 Of course, these digital spy cameras don’t just take videos. They are capable of more than that, making it even easier for people to use them. Sleek and sophisticated, these products come with an armful of features that makes them different from the usual CCTV, camcorder or any other video recording device.

 Digital Camera Glasses Features

-          Extremely stylish design for eyewear.

-          Pinhole camera ensures that no one will notice the recording feature of the model.

-          High quality video and audio provides clear surveillance that will catch every movement covered by the camera.

-          Most sunglasses come with a built in memory for card-less recording.

-          The camera’s recording capability may be expanded to as much as 32 GB depending on the type of memory card inserted on the slot provided for by the manufacturer.

-          Continuous video recording time can last for hours depending on the size of the memory card inserted.

-          Power capability capable of supporting hours of recording time.

-          Some models may be taken to the optometrist to have the lens changed to accommodate the user’s eyesight.

-          Works well even with low light.

 Digital Camera Glasses Pros

What’s great about digital camera glasses is that they are perfectly suited as a spywear thanks to how cleverly the recording device is hidden. Users can wear this product and not worry about other people noticing that they are actually secretly recording. The fact that the lenses may be fitted in also adds credence to this particular gadget, ensuring the no one will think it odd for someone to be wearing the item. Of course, the fact that the model is designed to look stylish only ads to the credibility of the product. After all, who would voluntarily wear ugly glasses unless they’re specially fitted for a specific purpose? With a stylish digital camera glasses, users will be able to blend in wonderfully with the crowd.

 The level of quality provided by the video is also a great selling point. Some models operate on an acceptable 720p capture while others are capable of providing more than that. As an additional security precaution, journalists or even private investigators will find this recording device a great way to present visual evidence. The capacity of the glasses in terms of memory storage is also a definite plus with hours of footage available for review.

 In most cases, these digital camera glasses come with their own attachment to directly link with a computer for easy download. The format of the video may vary from one product to another although most only carry the most common formats. Others are even geared for immediately Youtube uploads without having to convert the file.

 Of course, those aren’t the only pros of these spy glasses. The features usually vary depending on brand and model of the device so it is advisable for buyers to first browse through different sellers.

 Digital Camera Glasses Cons

The negative aspects of digital camera eyewear may differ from one model to another. The main drawback though may be the price of the model as some come with a very large price tag. However, this kind of problem can be easily fixed by simply browsing online and looking for an adequately priced model. Buyers are advised to set a specific budget for their purchase of spywear and look for a product that doesn’t go above that.

 Buying Digital Camera Glasses

When buying digital camera sunglasses online, it is important to note that there are various types of model available in the market. As mentioned, thorough browsing is necessary in order to find the best model for the job. Basically though, buyers should take the time to consider exactly how they will be using the model. For example, journalists, private investigators or those going undercover will necessitate an eyewear gadget that can record high-resolution videos for a long span of time. However, those who want to use it for leisure purposes – perhaps to wear during a skydiving session – can make do with an average resolution model.

 Of course, the design of the unit must also be looked on closely. Fortunately, most camera glasses today are stylish enough that choosing one based on style is no longer a problem. In fact, most models are now created with both male and female users in mind, therefore ensuring that they look good no matter who wears it. The seller themselves must also be checked out. Look for feedbacks about the site selling the product and make sure that they are no merely a scam site. Of course, the product itself should also be researched. Check out reviews of a specific camera glasses and find out what pros and cons their users have found and whether they’re worth the money.

 Uses for Digital Camera Glasses

So what if a person isn’t a journalist or an investigator? That doesn’t mean passing up the use of these digital spywear. Many people will find products like these extremely useful especially if they’re the type who loves extreme sports. Imagine jumping off a plane with this recording device on and it would provide an excellent view of the actual experience. Upload it on Youtube and the user can relieve the experience over and over again – not to mention other watchers.

 All in all, digital camera glasses are an excellent buy regardless of the purposes of its use. Whether it’s for professional reasons or for leisurely ones, users will find enjoyment – not to mention boost their fashion style – with this gadget. Keep in mind though that there are restrictions when it comes to taking videos and uploading them on the internet. Hence, make sure to use digital camera glasses and they will surely provide hours worth of entertainment.

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