Create Your Own Spy World with HD Camera Glasses

Create Your Own Spy World with HD Camera Glasses

Jul 18

James Bond is one of the most popular movie characters and this has been true for decades. Is it because of his appeal to women or because of his uncanny wits? Probably yes. But one cannot disregard the fact that the character, and the movie, both have their appeal because of the amazing spy gadgets featured in the movie. As with other fictional creations, Bond uses devices that seem impossible to exist in the real world. Some examples are guns in the form of pens, cars that are voice-activated, and spywear that does not stick out in a crowd like earpiece and sunglasses that are used to communicate or monitor their enemies. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can own at least one piece that is similar to the items the Bond uses to catch his enemies?

A few years back, this could have been impossible. You would have to be a member of an elite government agency or a private investigation company just to be able to get a hold of any spywear. This year, however, a new invention was released and this could be the closest you can get to feeling like a spy. The device allows the user to discreetly take photos or capture videos, and no one would even notice. Why? This is because the device is conveniently placed in normal-looking sunglasses. Indeed, this is a dream come true for James Bond wannabes out there. This sophisticated device is available at a very affordable price and no one would even be able to tell the difference unless the user decides to reveal the secret.

HD camera glasses uses high-definition technology, so one is able to capture clear images and videos with ease. Each pair of sunglasses has a slot for a micro-SD card and can support up to 32GB, thus allowing the user to shoot minute of videos without interruption. Once the card is full, the user can conveniently transfer the files to another storage device to free up some space and continue recording. The device can be used completely hands-free, so there is no need to worry about purchasing a tripod or looking for other tools to hold it steady. Thus, the user is able to use a stylish eyewear, and at the same time feel like he is a real-life version of James Bond. How cool can that be?

On the practical side, the device can be used for personal surveillance. Most homes and offices nowadays are equipped with security cameras in order to thwart off criminals and other people who may have bad intentions. Some streets also have these cameras installed for the protection of the general public against robbers and muggers. However, there will be moments, or places where these cameras are not present like dark alleys or small establishments. Thus, it would be handy to have a device that one can conveniently use when there is a need to document a crime or get a clear shot of a criminal. HD camera glasses can very well serve this purpose.

The device can also be used to record important events or milestones in one’s life. Before the invention of this device, people can only choose from bulky video cameras or mobile phones that have the ability to record videos. If they choose the former, they would always have to tag along heavy equipment which takes minutes to mount, unless one is willing to hold it up during the entire shoot. For those who choose the latter, they are able to save time on setting up but they have to love with a blur footage which may not even be useful in the future. Through this device, though, one can easily record without mounting or installation and be able to do it in high-definition.

In using this device, however, one needs to take into consideration that the videos being recorded is exactly the same as what the user sees. Thus, it can be a challenge to hold still when recording an exciting basketball or baseball game. It can be a challenge to look for the best spot or position to take a picture or video of an offender without him being alerted that he is being caught on recording. During times of nervousness or panic, one should also be ready to press the correct buttons so as to record properly without revealing the true purpose of the sunglasses. Lastly, it can be difficult to use the device at night without attracting too much attention. After all, it is only in movies that it is not awkward to use shades during the night.

One should also proceed with caution in using this device. Being discreet in recording videos and taking pictures does not mean that one has the license to step on another person’s privacy. Unless the person caught on video is either the victim or the offender in a security situation, or unless the person that is being recorded grants permission or is a relative or close friend, then it is still illegal to use this device to document someone. This may look cool in movies, but in real life, stepping out of one’s boundaries is still punishable by law. Thus, this device should never be used to offend other people even if they are unaware of it because it could lead into unnecessary trouble in the end.

Overall, the HD camera glasses can be a great device to have. It can be used for personal surveillance or for day-to-day recording needs. It is very convenient to use and one does not have to worry about complicated set up or installation. It can also be used just to impress friends and other people. Best of all, it is the closest thing that one can have for a spywear. Having one is like reliving the adventures of James Bond and starring in your own spy movie. The invention of this device can also lead to other innovative security devices and can take videos to a level that is at par with taking pictures.

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