Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment

Jul 18

With Hands Free High Definition Video Recording Sunglasses Any time, Any where 

How many times have you been in situations where you wished you had your camera with you to capture a flitting memorable event? How many headline grabbing scenes (with potentials to go viral) which you can now only wish you could have taken – and uploaded on You Tube or Face Book – if only you had your camera with you? These situations make you feel like a bungling idiot for failing to lug a camera with you. But who’d know when such situations will occur? Besides, lugging a camera with you anywhere you go is not only cumbersome – it is totally annoying! Of course you could have done it with your cell phone camera, but can you imagine the utter discomfort of having to hold the camera just to take low quality video? Well, a new “high tech digital toy” for adults is flooding the market – the Hands free High definition Video Recording Sunglasses! These are beautifully designed, wearable sunglasses with inconspicuously embedded high resolution video recorders that can take full motion video and audio.

 People will never know when and where they will need a camera and the HD video recording sunglasses is good news to them – especially those with active lifestyles and has made it a habit to share their day to day experiences with their friends in various social networking sites. The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses will definitely prove to be a handy gadget for them. With its inconspicuous camera neatly hidden, you can liken the HD video recording sunglasses to the spy wear cameras you’ve seen in such spy movies as James Bond and Get Smart! While admittedly they are an innovation of spy wear cameras and can still be used for subtle video recording purposes, the Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses were designed for other much more gainful purposes such as for sports event – a golfer can record his most important tournament without stopping while playing the game; or, a jet skier can record every thrilling second while riding each wave without getting his hands off the handles! The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses is just as fun and exciting to use for actual on-the-scene video recording of other sports activities like fishing, mountain climbing, sailing and even hiking. Imagine being able to share the joy and the experience and the thrill of those sporting moments through the videos you’ve captured using the Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses!

 The wearable Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses has a built-in 2 GB memory (which is good for 5 hours of recorded video) and an external memory slot for a Micro SD card (up to 32 GB capacity). With the Micro SD card, you can easily play back your recorded video on your smart phones (by inserting the Micro SD card in the smart phone) and also upload them to You Tube, Face Book or other social networking sites. The recorded videos are in 3GP format which are Quick Time and Real Player compatible. Podcasters and video bloggers will surely find great use to them for real time broadcasting of events using mobile applications in their iPhones, androids, and other mobile devices. The gadget also comes with a USB cable that can be used to transfer recorded video to your PC.

 The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses provides powerful high definition video recording (1280X720P) and high definition photography (12 mega pixel snapshot function with 3 pieces continuous snapshot shooting capabilities). It has stereo audio with noise filters and advanced audio codec features. It has 30 frames per second recording speed with a resolution of 320 x 240.

 The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses has three operational modes – video mode, photo mode, and audio mode. You can switch from one mode to another using the mode switch. Turning on the gadget (by pressing the on/off switch for 2 seconds) will put it immediately in video mode which is the default operational mode. Pressing the mode switch this time will put it on photo mode. Pressing it a second time will put it on audio mode. Pressing the mode button actually toggles the gadget into the different modes in this order. To make it easy for you to know what operational mode the gadget is in at any time different colored LED lights will light up every time the mode button is pressed – green light indicates you are on video mode, blue light indicates you are on photo mode, and green and blue lights indicate you are on audio mode!

 Video recording with this gadget is simple. After turning on the gadget the green LED light is on. Pressing the on/off switch for a short while starts the recording which is indicated by the flashing green light. Pressing it again for a short while will stop the recording. The green light stops flashing. You need to be careful in pressing the on/off button – pressing it longer (for seconds or more) will turn off the gadget.

 To take snapshots, you need to toggle the gadget into photo mode by pressing the mode switch. The photo mode will be indicated by a blue light. To take snapshots, simply press the on/off button for a short while. The device will automatically take a series of 3 snapshots afterwards it will be ready for the next series of snapshots. To take clear and stable images with natural colors, the object to be recorded must least be 50 cm away.

 The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses automatically saves the file every after fifteen minutes of continuous recording. This is meant to limit the file sizes by breaking them down into manageable sizes. You will never lose the chance of recording every single exciting moment because of its cycled recording features that lets you continue recording even when the storage is full. Other features include a polarized, anti glare lens, user friendly operations, and sleek elegant unisex design.

 The Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses can be used by a variety of people for a variety of purpose. Athletes can use them to record gaming events from the point of view of the participating athlete; investigative journalists can use it to record events and chance interviews inconspicuously; traffic policemen can use it to record evidence in car accidents; students can use them to record lectures; travelers can use them to record the sound and sights of places they visit. Whatever it may be used for, the Hands Free HD video recording sunglasses will surely bring fun and excitement every time!

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