Capture in Style with the Spy Glasses

Capture in Style with the Spy Glasses

Jul 17

Various types of spy glasses are some of the latest innovations that eyewear companies have added in their product line-up. Unlike the bulky types of spy camera glasses that have been released during the late 90s, these improved eyeglasses are portable and inconspicuous. Aside from that, these spy camera glasses are stylish and sleek. For people with nearsightedness or farsightedness, you may fit your prescription lenses with the main frame of these glasses to optimize your vision while taking some of the images or video clips.

 Usually, these spy camera eyeglasses are installed with a portable DVR that you may adjust as often as you deem it necessary. These pair of glasses can function with any standard inputs that are present on your DVR. All you have to do is to attach an AV adapting cable and a 9 volt standard battery pack and you are good to go. They are typically sold separately.

 However, there are some manufacturers that came up with product packages in such a way that you can buy both the spy camera glasses and the portable DVR in a more affordable price. Typically, you may directly plug the spy camera glasses with the DVR to your computer or you may opt to use RCA inputs to transfer the files. Aside from that, the portable video recorder that you may separately purchase with this pair is highly compatible with the eyeglasses. Basically, this wonder pair is equipped with a plug and play mechanism. This enhances its convenience because you never have to bring along bulky battery packs and extra wires.

 This is ideal for undercover law officers, secret shoppers, and television network production agents. Typically, these spy camera eyeglasses are equipped with dual wires to improve the amount of data that it can easily transfer. Data is transferred from the focal lens to the portable drive installed within the camera. These dual wires are concealed by means of a neck strap that appears to be an ordinary lanyard. To add up to the concealing advantage of these pair of glasses, it is basically designed in the same manner as typical glasses are fabricated. You can hardly feel the difference as soon as you wear a pair of these eyeglasses.

 These spy glasses have photo capture and video recording modes. In the earlier versions of these types of eyeglasses, the users may have a difficult time in switching between these two modes. This is especially important when you are on an undercover job. With the latest versions, a visual confirmation feature is installed to help you save valuable time if you are taking care of a surveillance job. To enhance your image and motion capturing capabilities, these pairs have been recently equipped with approximately 480 resolution lines. The resolution is available in full color. This feature can give you better image quality even if you are under dim lighting conditions.

 Aside from these, the spy camera glasses also can capture the images in rich color even if the weather appears to be downcast. The wide array of colors that the installed spy camera can capture adds up to the accuracy of the images that it can record in its database. The pinhole spy camera is typically located in the center of each eyeglass frame. This will enable you to record what you are looking at as exactly as possible. If you are to retrieve and view the data, it is as if you are looking at the image first hand.

 Normally, these spy cameras have an approximately 650 by 500 video resolution. To start recording or capturing a clip or an image, you simply have to push a single button. You also have to press this button to stop capturing or recording. The acquired data can readily be transferred to a micro SD card. Usually, the maximum capacity for the spy camera glasses is around two to eight gigabytes. This will solely depend on the type of spy camera eyeglasses that you will purchase from the manufacturer.

 Aside from documenting undercover jobs, these spy glasses are also ideal for other social events. These events may include, but not limited to (1) covert jobs; (2) sporting events; and (3) meetings. All you have to do is to connect the device to your personal computer and recharge the built in battery for around two hours prior to use. After that, the spy eyeglasses are ready for outdoor use. If you choose to store data using the video mode, you may store up to one and a half hours of clear motion in high definition. You may play back this data on your personal computer using KM player, Windows Media Player, VLC player, and other types of players that the manufacturer has specified.

 Generally, the spy glasses are receiving good feedback from those who have purchased and used this product. Initially, most of the consumers had a hard time in dealing with some of the seemingly complicated operations in the device. However, they were able to overcome this difficulty as soon as they have asked assistance from the respective manufacturers. In some instances, the consumers did not need to seek assistance in setting up and operating the entire device.

 Most of the consumers of this type of product are fond of the general appearance of the eyeglasses. They have regarded the glasses to be especially appealing and useful for various weather and lighting conditions. Based from their experiences, most of them have reported ease of capturing still images or video clips without anyone knowing.

 On the other hand, some users have commended the manufacturers for making the product easy to operate. Using a single button to start and stop recording videos and capturing images enabled them to save a lot of time. This was also highly convenient for swift moments that need fast data collection.

 Most of the users have recommended this product because of its easy operation of various functions. The pinhole lens is barely visible. To further enhance the concealing effect, they have even suggested that you wear a headgear. You may also conceal the light that emanated from the glasses by covering it with an electrical tape of a matching shade.

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