Camera Sunglasses: More than Just Spywear

Camera Sunglasses: More than Just Spywear

Jul 18

Perhaps because of watching movies such as James Bond and Mission Impossible, people are dreaming of becoming spies. Being able to wear spywear is going to be the best way to become one, or at the very least approximate the feeling of being a true spy. Because of technology, some of the equipment used by spies evolved from total fantasy to tools that can be used even by ordinary people like us. One of these spy tools that has been gaining wild popularity for different people is camera sunglasses. Yup, you’ve read that right. Eyewear with built in cameras do exist now, and they have more real world usability than you ever thought possible. Want to know more about this new breed of spywear? Read on.

 Camera glasses, strictly speaking, are no different from your ordinary sunglasses. The lens can have different hues and finishes, but what’s found in the frame makes all the difference. Inside the frame lies a camera lens that is more than capable of recording the action in all of its audio visual glory. And did we mention that the quality of these spywear is top notch, and it is continually improving with each passing year? Previously, most of these cameras don’t even have audio recording capability together with its video filming. Now, not only does it record high quality sounds, but it is able to capture images in 720p high definition to boot. Who would have thought that a tool that is intended for stealth can actually capture moments with quality rivaling (and even beating some) that of high-end digital (and conventional looking) cameras?

 Because of this, the use of these types of sunglasses has skyrocketed. And because of the increase in demand, an increase in supply is almost inevitable. Because of this increase in demand, a variety of these spy glasses have been developed to suit every kind of taste. For those that simply want to be creative in recording their precious moments, there are glasses that only have the most basic of features. What it lacks for high end features, they make up for it with a much lower price tag. For less than 100 dollars, one can film in stealth thanks to these affordable spywear. But there are also some of these equipment that are constructed with professionals in mind. With best in their class features such as 720p HD video recording, crisp audio recording, all weather toughness, and other military spec features, these cameras, while mostly expensive, will give you professional grade performance.

 Of course, before buying anything, the first question that pops out to your mind is: what are the possible uses that you can have with these novel sunglasses? Sure, you can always use these gadgets to show off, but does it have any other tangible features other than for showing off? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, most of the real life spies use these spywear in their operations. As proof of this, some law enforcement agencies equip their people with these video sunglasses. The reason of this is pretty simple. During espionage and other covert operation, agents need to record whatever they see or hear. Of course, typical cameras won’t fit the bill because their cover would easily be blown. Using these glasses is a perfect choice for these situations, mainly because these cameras normally cannot be seen. The camera lens is typically hidden flush in the frame, and in case there’s a wire connecting the glass frame to the camcorder, this can be easily concealed in one’s shirt or bag. Even better is that there are variants of these glasses that come wireless, allowing for more seamless recording. But even law enforcers that are not secret agents are now given these cameras. Cameras have long been tools for law enforcers while doing their jobs, especially for policemen. Thanks to these sunglasses, recording the details of their duties, especially during missions, is now made simpler and more seamless.

 But little do people know that these glasses are now being used not just by law enforcers but also by ordinary people? There is a reason why this product is made available for the public, mainly because a lot can find good use for this product. For instance, do you wonder how those shows and documentaries film their adventures in a first person perspective? Typically, they are using helmet mounted cameras to pull that trick off. But now, they are switching to sunglass mounted cameras. But why are they making this switch? The primary reason for this switch is to encourage freedom of movement. Even the most compact of cameras can be quite weighty. And with this weight settled into your head, head movement can be made difficult or at least awkward. At least, with camera sunglasses, you can still record these motions without being too restrictive. You can wear them just like any ordinary sunglass, and record audio and video while on the fly. And thanks to the improvement of these cameras, with some of them having advanced features such as 720p HD recording, there is little, if any, drop-off from record quality. And because these cameras are mounted directly in the person’s field of view, a video recorded using these lenses is arguably the closest one can get to reenacting one person’s perspective. In fact, it is so close to the action that it has became the go-to recording device by people such as hunters, mountain climbers, and trekkers. Providing the usual eye protection of sunglasses and the ability to record events by video cameras, this equipment provide the best of both worlds for these people.

 There’s no telling what the future holds for camera sunglasses, but the upside of this apparatus is quite huge. But even right at this very moment, this spywear can play a significant role for you. Regardless if you need it for stealthily documenting events or evidences, or if you need it for seamlessly recording your everyday moments without carrying a camera, the fact is that camera glasses, once only a product of spy fiction, can now help you in the real world.

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