Camera Glasses – Stylish Surveillance

Camera Glasses – Stylish Surveillance

Jul 18

Go undercover with high quality camera glasses! The future is finally here and it looks good with the emergence of glasses that take pictures, videos and audio recording of anything within the wearer’s distance. No need to wonder about the validity of those spy gadgets in the movies because camera glasses are definitely here and are meant to stay.

 Armed with various features, spy camera glasses make the perfect covert video surveillance tool. Of course, the fact that they also look good design-wise means that wearing them won’t be a burden. Stylish yet understated, you’ll find that camera glasses tend to highlight the wearer without putting too much attention on the glasses themselves. This means that wearers will be able to enjoy a full-covert movement with no one being the wiser. Aside from, that most glasses with built camera also carry various features including but not limited to the following:

 Spywear Features

-         Stylish glasses design may be customized according to user preferences.

-         Features 1.3 mega pixels camera for high quality digital recording.

-         Pinhole sized CMOS hidden camera for excellent hiding.

-         Some models come with built in memory while others provide more saving space using the memory card slot, worth hours of recording.

-         Saving format allows for direct Youtube uploads.

-         Allows for incredibly easy PC connection without the need for drivers.

-         Provides real time recording opportunities.

Camera Glasses Pros

What’s great about these glasses is that even when specially designed for cover surveillance, most manufacturers took the time to make it look stylish. This means that both male and females can wear it without worrying about being out of style or looking bad. Thanks to the miles traveled by technology, camera eyewear is now slim enough that no one can imagine them being capable of video surveillance. Power used to keep the model running may vary from one manufacturer to another, but most of them operate through miniscule batteries that may be charged. This means hour’s worth of video surveillance and with the right SD memory size, each minute will be recorded in high quality along with clear and loud audio. Some models come with wires which other people see as giving the camera away. However, these wires are actually cleverly designed so that they can look like they are merely lines that keep the glasses secured to the wearer.

 Of course, these glasses are not only specially designed to provide video recordings. The fact is that they are also perfectly capable of protecting the eyes – the same way ordinary cameras can. Hence, buyers will find themselves getting a two for one deal with camera glasses.

 Camera Glasses Cons

The cons of this product really vary depending on the manufacturer. Some model does not provide excellent video footage while other concentrated mainly on surveillance. Hence, the external design of the video glasses look bad, making people reluctant about wearing one.

 Uses for the Camera Sunglasses

Perfect for journalists and private investigators, these 720p video cameras provide excellent visual evidence when pursuing a case. However, those who think that the spy camera is only good for those who can use it professionally, think again. Imagine wearing one of these babies while driving or during some extreme sports. It presents first-hand view of exactly what happens during skiing or perhaps even during skydiving. In fact, wearing one of these items during driving makes the everyday task more fun. When it comes to birthdays or parties, wearers can also secretly tape all the fun using high quality recording materials that will develop into high-resolution capture videos.

 Buying Camera glasses Online

For those who want to purchase camera glasses either for fun or security reasons, it’s not actually tough buying one. The internet serves as a great shopping mall that allows people to choose the best model without actually getting tired of walking around a large area. In order to purchase a model, simply visit different selling sites and start looking over the specifications of the model.

 It is important to note that not all camera glasses are created equal. Hence, homeowners would need to take the time and browse through several products before finally making their purchase. Some of the things that must be considered include the products’ built-in memory and how large the extension can be. Some models allows for as much as 32 GB in extension, providing hours of continuous surveillance. The power source of the product must also be questioned. Ideally, it should the rechargeable type which would take hours to burn off even with continuous use.

 Another factor to consider when buying camera glasses is the quality of the video. It should be of decent resolution, perhaps with a 720p or more to provide a clearer detail. Operation should also be a one-flick away easy, especially since the whole point of camera glasses is for cover operations. Hence, look for something that may be adjusted without being too obvious with the job.

 Of course, don’t forget about the model’s overall design. It should look good enough to by stylish but not too attention-catching that some people will view it more closely. Some models are customizable while others are good enough to be worn by both males and females without necessarily changing it. In most cases though, it would be a good idea to be specific about the order of the product. Lastly, don’t forget to read reviews about a specific product to ensure that they provide exactly what they promise.

 All in all, camera glasses are a great buy for those who need excellent video surveillance without being too obvious. Buyers would need to be wary about what they purchase though and make sure that it comes from a trusted seller. With the right search, buyers will find camera glasses that fall within their stated budget. The goal here is to find a product that can provide excellent use without costing too much. Of course, those who need high quality images for professional use are advised to be particular about the video resolution of their purchase.

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