Be a Spy in Real Life — Get Your Own Spy Glasses Now!

Be a Spy in Real Life — Get Your Own Spy Glasses Now!

Jul 17

Are you fond of spy movies? Do you like all of the gadgets that these spies are using during their covert missions? Don’t you wish you can have your own gadgets so that you can pull off your own covert missions in real life? Would you like to know all of the spy gadgets that are sold in the market? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then today may be your lucky day. There are lots of spy gadgets sold online. With the right selection of spy gadgets sold online, you can become the ultimate spy.

HD video recording spy glasses - The HD video recording spy glasses is an eyewear that has been designed like a typical eyeglass but has been packed with cool features that make spying easy. It has a camera that will let you capture digital images that will be stored in a memory card. Most of these spy glasses have a default 8gig memory capacity and a maximum of 5 hours recording time that will allow you to constantly record videos until the eyewear’s batter runs out.   This tool is perfect if you wish to capture your target doing suspicious things. You can just wear the glasses or set them down in a table or desk. A great advantage of using spy eyewear is that your targets will never suspect that they are being captured. This is because of its very inconspicuous and unobtrusive design that will make people think that it is just an ordinary eyeglass.   The HD video recording spy eyeglasses comes with an expandable memory card, a USB cord and a rechargeable battery. For people who feel icky about wearing eyeglasses, a spy sunglasses, which is also equipped with UVB and UVA polarized lens is also available.

Invisible Pen - An invisible pen uses hydrolysis, a very advanced technology to write messages in an invisible ink. Some pens even come with a portable lack light that will let your other spy friends read the hidden messages that you sent.   This is perfect if you want to be able to establish a very secure means of communication between you and your friends. With the help of this very handy tool, you will be able to write on any surface without vandalizing public properties.

Spy Camera Detector - A spy camera detector is a useful tool that will help you find out if there are hidden cameras within your vicinity. This is most useful if you have planned a rendezvous point with your friends. You will be able to detect all of the hidden recording devices such as digicams, camcorders, CCTV and auto-focus that will capture digital images you and your friends.

Laser Trip Wire - Wish you could find out if someone uninvited entered your room? The laser trip wire is a product that will do the job for you. The laser trip wire is a device that you can install in your home, office or spy headquarters to alert you whenever intruders enter your property. Just like trip wires in spy movies, the laser trip wire emits an invisible laser that will trigger an alarm when somebody trips on it.   The trip wire comes with two special mirror units that will allow you to further enhance this gadget’s usefulness. You can use the mirrors to reflect the beams, further spreading them all around a room. When used with a hidden camera, this gadget will provide the utmost security for your home.

Body Wire - A body wire acts like a voice recording except that its design will allow you to hide it under your clothes. This gadget is very useful when you have to elicit confessions or record all of your conversations with your targets. This will also help you record important meetings or even lectures when you feel too lazy or distracted and you can’t really pay attention to the speaker.   This portable gadget is also available in several inconspicuous designs that will not cramp your style.

Night Goggles - Need to pull off covert missions past midnight? The night goggles will help you navigate through the night without any trouble. This useful gadget will also let you easily see the faces of the people you are spying on. Some of the night goggles sold online also come with magnifying lenses and slighting scopes that will help you observe your targets from a distance.

Micro Bugs - Micro bugs help you listen to any conversation without getting near your targets or physically entering a room. All you have to do is install this micro bugs all around the room and spread around mini microphones and you’re done. Whenever your targets enter the room, you will be able to listen to their conversations.   Safe Want to store all of your spy gadgets in a secure place? A mini spy safe will help to the job. Each mini spy safe comes with a magnetic key that will help you open the safe. With this kind of safe, you can say goodbye to safes that are very easy to unlock and access. This is perfect not only for storing your spy gear but also for storing all of your valuables.

Voice Scrambler -  Want to be able to send secret messages with your friends? A voice scrambler will let you record, warp, speed up, slow down and twist your message. The garbled message will then be received by another voice scrambler that will decipher the hidden message. This is perfect if you want to be able to communicate with your friends real time.

Peephole reverser  – Want to monitor the people outside your room? The peephole reverser is a device that you can install in your peephole in order to capture images outside your door. This gadget is very useful surveillance tool that will help you find out who has attempted to break in your room.   Becoming a full blown spy is no longer impossible. With the help of these useful spying gadgets, you will be able to pull off any covert operation with your friends. Who knows, this could be your ticket to your lifetime career — a real life detective.

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