All About HD Camera Glasses

All About HD Camera Glasses

Jul 18

Sunglasses are used to conceal someone’s identity aside from wearing it for comfort and style. In movies, sunglasses are used by spies or detectives to hide their identity so they could witness scenes or acquire information without the knowledge of the subject being watched. Other times, people who wear sunglasses are viewed to be someone who is tough and kick-ass. Today, the new generation of glasses are the HD camera glasses. In the recent past, we see leading characters of several movies wearing glasses that can capture video. Who have thought that these glasses are now within our reach and everybody are free to use it.

 What is HD Camera Glasses

High Definition (HD) camera glasses are special glasses that have a built-in high definition camera on the frame of the glasses. HD camera glasses or sometimes called spy sunglasses are the fruit of our high technology that shows some tricks about digital technology. These glasses have a pinhole camera that is concealed at the center of two lenses stuck together. There are spy glasses where the camera is built in the legs of the shades while other camera is built in the lenses. Those spy glasses with a camera in the lenses are far more advantageous because it needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before someone can discover that there’s a hidden camera. By simply pressing a button at the side of the leg, you can start capturing pictures or videos.


The foremost purpose of HD camera glasses is to capture pictures and videos of your daily activities and record what’s happening to your surroundings. With this camera, you don’t need to bring with you heavy cameras when you want to get a video of important events. For cyclists, they don’t need to wear heavy and bulky camera to get a video of their path or track. They only need to wear lightweight sunglasses that come in different styles and sizes. They can capture momentous events even if their hands are not free. This type of spy glasses does not only record video but also the sound that can be heard on the surroundings. Upon arriving at your home, you have all the time to replay what happened that day and enjoy and share a good laugh with the family members with the unusual and happy scenes you have captured.

 The glasses are the ideal tool when you want to watch over again your favourite outdoor games. When you want to go skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, driving, mountain climbing, or do any adventurous activities, spy sunglasses is the perfect camera you can bring with you so you can review and watch scenes that you’d miss while being busy with the activity.

 If you are an insecure or jealous lover, a hired private eye, an investigative journalist, or even a pervert, wear spy glasses and you’re good to go spying on others without being discovered.

 Spy glasses when worn also give a feeling of security. When biking, cycling, walking, jogging, or undertaking any other daily activities, you feel safety because if someone harassed you or your belongings are taken away, you have evidence that points the assailant.

 If you are a fun person and just want to capture your daily activity, you can wear spy glasses just like ordinary sunglasses. Knowing that customers have different taste and preferences, manufacturers sees to it that they have various designs made from different materials. You can also reflect your personality through the shades you are wearing.


Aside from giving you comfort and protection from the brightness of the sun, you feel safety at the same time fashionable.

 Features and Specifications

Most spy sunglasses come with a memory card that can store pictures and videos taken. Choose a micro SD memory card that has huge capacity so that you can store many videos. An 8GB or higher memory card is already big enough so you don’t need to frequently connect the spy glasses to the computer to transfer saved videos. Remember to purchase a spy wear that has an upgradable memory so you can readily replace the previous one with a much higher memory.

 The sound range of the camera is also important. If the spy glasses have high sound range, this allows you to hear sounds clearly even if it is meters away from you. Standard spy glasses have a microphone range of 3 meters.

 Standard spy glasses nowadays have a resolution of 1280 x 960 for still pictures and 640 x 480 for videos. High resolution is much better as it can provide you extremely quality picture and videos. If given a chance, pick the spy glasses that have the highest video resolution so that you can enjoy crisp and vivid images of your happy moments and adventures.

 The advantageous aspect with spy glasses compared to other spy gadgets is that they are easy to use and a multi-purpose gadget. It is a protection, for security, and for fashion statement rolled into one package. By simply wearing the spy sunglasses and pressing a push button, you can already start capturing pictures or videos with sound.

 Spy sunglasses are powered by rechargeable batteries. When buying spy glasses, you must check the life of the battery. Spy glasses will be useless if its battery drains easily. Standard HD camera glasses have batteries that can last for 5 hours or more when used continuously. To recharge the battery, simply connect the glasses to an outlet for 3 hours when the battery is already low.

 Before you purchase spy sunglasses, decide first what format you want. The format of the video can be in AVI, MP4, and many others. Pictures are usually in JPEG format. Transfer of files is very easy because you only need to connect the sunglasses using its adapter. There is an almost invisible USB port located at the leg of the frame where you can connect the USB cable. Driver is not needed to connect to your laptop or PC.

 There are many available accessories of spy glasses that you can choose from. But the common accessories that are always packed together when you buy spy wear are the user manual, cloth for cleansing, USB cable, protective case, and 2GB micro SD memory card.

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