A Short Story About Camera Glasses

A Short Story About Camera Glasses

Jul 18

Watching movies such as Mission Impossible and James Bond, you kind of wish you have the same clever gadgetry that they have. Spy equipment in general, regardless if they are of the factual or fictional kind, are plain and simple one of the coolest set of gadgets that you can see anywhere. One such equipment is a pair of glasses loaded with some really crazy features such as a video recorder. Amazingly, eyewear of this kind is known to exist. Having the same look as ordinary eyeglasses, spy glasses complete with video recording capability are now available in most specialty stores. So what do we need to know about these types of stealth equipment? Read on.

 Camera glasses have the look of ordinary eyewear. With lenses ranging from clear glasses to shades, these glasses are capable of recording both audio and video with high quality, with people not even noticing that they are being recorded. The camera is usually mounted on the glass frame, and the mounting is typically so spot on, that no one is really going to notice. They usually record in digital form, and are usually transferred to a camcorder or an external drive that can be hidden underneath one’s clothing or bag. Arguably its biggest advantage is that these cameras record what the person who uses it actually sees in real time, ensuring optimal filming quality.

 As early as 20 years ago, there are a lot of people who think that cameras cannot be concealed in glasses. But lo and behold, some crafty people have been able to create all kinds of concealed cameras, ranging from those hidden in sunglasses to those hidden in pens. The level of complexity possessed by these cameras differs from model to model. What you’ll pay from them depends on the quality of the camera that you are getting. There are cameras that can be had for less than a hundred dollars, and are just good enough to record random moments. And then there are cameras that cost thousands of dollars to have but feature military spec features such as high definition recording, night vision, and other technologies that you make them among the most sophisticated cameras out there.

 There is no doubt that using this stealth tool is the stuff of how sci-fi movies are made. But the question that you may ask is if there is an actual use for these products. You’ll be surprised to know that this pair of glasses has a very useful function for specific people. For instance, have you watched those documentaries that you see on TV? Those first person objective shots are possible thanks to the help of a camera mounted on the eyeglasses. For these purposes, the usual alternative is to place a helmet cam. But the eyeglass option is a better choice because of different reasons. The first reason is that it gives the closest image that it can get to being on the eyes of the person itself. A recording made using this form of camera is the closest one can get to being inside the person’s body and perspective. The second reason why using these cameras are a better choice is that they are more non-invasive than using helmet cams. A camera installed on glasses is much more compact and lighter than one that is installed in the helmet, and it encourages freedom of movement because of that.

 Because of the aforementioned lightness of this audio and video recorder, it has found another purpose: documenting various events such as hunting, shooting, running, and other events that require intense action. Because of the inherent lightness of these cameras, they are the primary choice for these people when they want to document whatever their pursuits are. Wearing cameras attached to their sunglasses allow these people to have that ultimate flexibility, without a conventional camera weighing down their movement. This is made even better by using wireless recorders. But even with a wire, the wires tend to be non-obstructive and can easily be stowed out on one’s clothes or bag still connected to the camcorder. Just ask someone who have used one of these items in their travails, and they should tell you (depending on the quality of the product itself) that it worked like a charm for them. And to top it off, you are still going to enjoy the benefits of wearing sunglasses: protection from excessive light, enhanced color contrasts, and shielding from potential obstructions from hitting your eye. Wearing your glasses with a camera in it is such a big win-win situation, right?

 And lastly, how can you not talk about camera glasses without talking about how it can help a spy or at the very least an espionage wannabe? It can help someone doing a covert operation in a very real and tangible way. In fact, some law enforcement agencies have actually used these types of cameras for different purposes. Remember those covert operations that you see policemen take in order to collect evidence behind enemy lines? They are using spy glasses in order to record whatever they are seeing. In such situation, wearing them is perfect because the camera lenses are perfectly concealed in the glasses’ frame. Not only can this record the images being seen, but it can also record the things being said while communicating with the prospective suspects. Recorded evidence is a very helpful tool to close a specific case. As they say, video don’t lie. But even law enforcers that aren’t spies can benefit from using these sunglasses. As law enforcers, they sometimes need a record of what they are observing. If they see the need to record something, they can just press a button then they can start recording everything that they are seeing.

 There are many more uses for camera sunglasses. Everything from undercover agents to ordinary people can benefit from using one of these. With their superb portability and enhanced capabilities, what used to be just the stuff of fiction is now very real. And with a good number of people selling this equipment, you can now purchase your own spy glasses.

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