A Cool and Awesome Camera

A Cool and Awesome Camera

Jul 18

Wouldn’t it be more fun and awesome to take pictures and capture videos, but without carrying a bulky hand-held camera? Outdoor activities will be even entertaining then. One can record everything he sees, from his point-of-view, while biking, skateboarding, fishing, hunting, and climbing, etc. A simple afternoon stroll down the street can also be a nice moment to capture. The best way to do that, without the hassles of a hand-held camera, is to use a camera shade.

 A special kind of sunglasses, a camera shade takes pictures and captures videos using a microscopic camera hidden in its frame. It also allows the user to transfer video recordings to a computer. At a first glance, most camera shades deceptively looks like a normal pair of sunglasses. They don’t have wires nor bulky equipment. Because of its seemingly ordinary design, the user can then take pictures and record videos without anybody ever suspecting.

 Camera shades are primarily used for military and security purposes. Using this special sunglasses, a private detective or a police officer in disguise can spy and stalk on someone while blending in with the crowd. It is likewise used for corporate intelligence and investigative journalism. Even security guards use camera shades for special purposes. Also, a spy will not be a real and effective spy without one.

 However, the good news is that there are camera shades readily available and affordable for the consumer market. Quite a number of manufacturers create and design these spy gadgets just for regular users.  It is not anymore exclusively made for the military and security agencies. One can just check out tech stores and online stores, and he will see a wide selection of camera shades available.

 Because of their ready availability in the market, one can now easily capture occasions and gatherings with camera shades, the same way people do with regular hand-held cameras. It will be nice to take pictures and record videos without carrying a bulky equipment around. Also, outdoor enthusiasts will absolutely love recording their activities with camera shades. It will be fun to capture a point-of-view video while skateboarding down a slope.

 Most camera shades have substantially the same design and set-up. Audios and videos are recorded using a microscopic camera, and then stored into either a memory card, a separate body-worn receiver or over the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. These cameras are made in such a way that they could equal the image quality of regular hand-held cameras. Some of them even have a wider degree field of vision.

 Also, camera shades are connected to the computer via a USB connection. Most of them capture photos and videos in computer-ready formats, such as AVI, for easier viewing and playback. In addition, the cameras are controlled through either tiny buttons on the frame or a remote controller. Of course, it will defeat the purpose if camera shades have huge buttons on them.

 One example of a good consumer-level camera shades is the Prober X2E. At a glance, it looks like a funky pair of eyeglasses, most likely designed for fashionistas and trendsetters. The user can also select from various designs and styles. For a funkier look, zebra stripes and dollar designs are also available.

 The Prober X2E captures videos using its embedded 720p HD video quality, 5 megapixels CMOS camera. High definition images usually have brighter and richer colors than those from regular cameras. Also, videos are recorded using 30 frames per second. It then stores the video recordings into a built-in 4 gigabyte TF card; bigger memory spaces up to 32 gigabytes are also available.

 Compatible with almost all versions of Windows, files can then be transferred via a USB connection.  Its built-in lipolymer battery can last for an hour or two while video recording. With its mix of funky fashion concepts and advanced technology, the Prober X2E will look great on outdoor enthusiasts, fashionistas, travelers and eclectic journalists.

 The Vulcan VS104M Multimedia Shades, another awesome consumer-level camera shades, is also a good one. It is an integrated video recorder, photo camera and audio. It records videos, in 736 x 576 resolutions at 30 frames per second, with a press of a button. The user can also take high resolution 3.2 megapixel photos. With its built-in audio player and stereo headphones, one can play music while on the go.

 Lastly, another example of a cool consumer-level camera shades is the Eyez. It is a unique kind of camera shade because ZionEyez, a social media company, envisioned it as a social networking tool. In short, it is not made to be a spy gadget. They designed it instead to enable people to easily capture videos and share them on social networking sites.

 The Eyez captures videos using a 720p HD camera, and then stores the recordings in its 8 gigabyte flash memory. Video files can be transferred to the computer via a blue-tooth connection or over the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Users can even stream their videos, in real time, on any social networking site using the special Eyez smart-phone and tablet app.

 Eyez can record videos with up to around three hours of recording time. Its high quality microphone provides clear and crisp sound quality.  Also, to add to its practical everyday use, users can select from a wide array of Eyez lenses. Their designs include clear and shaded tones. Not only is it technologically advanced, but also fashionably stylish.

 Camera shades can change the way people take pictures and capture moments. They are not manufactured anymore for strictly military and spy purposes. Users can now do away with their digital cameras and smart-phones. Because they are wireless and hands-free, outdoor enthusiasts will especially love to capture their adventures, without having to carry around a bulky equipment. Kids can even fancy being a spy or a Secret Service agent.

 With these camera shades, people can now easily record birthdays, family gatherings, occasions, concerts and everything else they want to record. Moreover, as in the case of Eyez, everyone can now share to the world their own point-of-view, minus the hassles.

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