8 Clever Uses of HD Camera Glasses

8 Clever Uses of HD Camera Glasses

Jul 17

Science fiction movies of the late 70’s and 80’s are now becoming a reality. Back in those days, cellular phone is not even in the wildest imagination of the people. But today, wireless technology is always bringing us out-of-this-world innovations and advancements that we would not even think possible 20 or 30 years ago. One very interesting piece of technology today is glasses with built in High Definition cameras.

No one would have imagined that there will come a time that you can record what you see in cameras that are capable of producing full 720p high definition digital videos. We will explore the exciting features that this high-tech gadget has to offer and what are the uses and practical applications of this technology in our everyday lives.

Let us enumerate the potential uses of this digital eyewear:

  1. It is very well suited for those guys that are always in the go and likes to travel. Recording a video while enjoying a tour can be very annoying especially if you have those Jurassic age cameras that are either too bulky or you are too ashamed to use.

But even small digital cameras are a nuisance if you want to capture those special moments in your trip. The principle is the same, you have to hold it with your hands making it not so convenient to use. Because of this, HDHF devices are born. HDHF stands for “High Definition Hands Free”. These devices can capture high definition audio and video without using your hands making it more convenient than those conventional cameras.

  1. You can use it as a spy camera. Yes, although it is illegal is some countries, you have to admit, it’s really COOL. If you want to know what your babysitter do with your baby when you are away, just put these sunglasses in a table and it will instantly become the best security device you ever had. This is the one and only spywear you will ever need.
  1. Update your blogs using these sunglasses. Because it is convenient, easy to use and hands free, you can bet you will have a good time recording 720p high definition videos with this device. You can also upload videos and images to YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  1. You can say goodbye to those “Oh WTF, I wish I could capture that” moments. Especially if it has the potential to go viral over the internet. Because these sunglasses offer digital 720p true HD with built in internal memory that can go as high as 8GB you have at least 5 hours of recording time with it. Some brands also have expandable memory using microSD technology.
  1. If you have rich imagination, you can use this high-tech piece of eyewear in many clever ways. If you are a student, and your teacher happens to be the boring one. You can wear it during boring discussions and just record the entire lecture, and just play it back to review your lesson or if you are having a hard time to sleep. You can do many things with this small digital device.
  1. This has the potential to be girl’s second best friend, next only to diamonds of course. You may ask why? Because as we mention a while ago, this device is a very good spy camera that wives can use to spy on their husbands. So guys, always be on the lookout, but if you have nothing to hide, you don’t need to worry.
  1. Recording daily routines in your everyday life like driving, jogging, biking and other activities that we sometimes take for granted can be viewed in a very interesting perspective using the HD capability of this hands free gadget.

Boring and routinely activities that we do every day is turned into exciting experiences. This is particularly true when you record while you are driving. You will be amazed when you watch your video recordings doing simple things in a different perspective. You cannot do this with conventional cameras and other recording devices that require both hands to operate.

  1. You can make quality high definition audio and video presentations, short movies and projects with this device. Thanks to its true 720p HD capable camera, you can record the best quality videos for your projects.

These are only few clever things that you can do to this high-tech eyewear. A word of advice though; be sure that you purchase the original product from trusted suppliers only. There are many brands that claim true HD capabilities but when you have already bought it and used it, you will be disappointed with the results. Do not be swayed in buying cheap gadgets, for this will be, most of the time just a cheap imitation of the original product.

Here’s a tip; do not confuse HD camera glasses with spy cameras. There are no spy cameras that are capable of creating high definition audio and video files to date. This is because cameras that are used for spying or espionage is designed to be small, discreet and hidden, and is not intended to produce HD output. It is only designed to capture videos while being unnoticed. But remember that HD sunglasses are very good spywear.

Most counterfeit products are found at online shopping websites. Always think twice, thrice or much better 10times before ordering thru online shops. Even though the sites are legitimate, bogus sellers can somehow make their way through these sites to sell their fake items. They even copy pictures of the original glasses online and add it to their posts to look like they are selling the original products.

So there you have it, a short guide of the clever uses and practical applications of this high-tech device. Always use technology to improve your life and to help other people also. Proper use of any gadgets and devices must be always practiced because if not used properly, this power over technology can do us more harm than good.

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